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  1. Hi, I recently got the chance to receive a Adler 30 series patcher machine. As it is still driven by foot or hand I would like to install a servo motor on it. Did anybody here already did this modification? I am looking for pictures and info on size of pulleys and stuff. thanks already Manu
  2. Thank you very much for the info. You guys are great. regards Manu
  3. I found 120 needles from Schmetz (bought them online from a guy selling all kinds of needles)marked: CANU: 20:05 1 NM:120 SIZE:19 134 (R) 135x5 DBx1 DPx5 These needles are +/-5mm shorter than the ones I am using so I will have to change the timing of the machine, no? Now I am using: CANU32:10X1 NM:130 SIZE:21 134-35 LR DPx35 LR What do all these numbers mean? I am getting lost in needle hell.
  4. I will mainly stitch leather and vinyl. I recent purchased a Durkopp 239-125 after a couple of years of handsewing leather. So I am a novice :-).
  5. Thanks guys, I will study this chart for a bit :-). All confusing these numbers. And then I still need to find a correct needle point.....
  6. As the title says, I'm looking for the correct type of Schmetz needles for thread of 20 thickness. I live in Belgium so need metric sizes. Can anyone help me out? regards Manu
  7. Thanks for the video, that will be very helpful. regards Manu
  8. Got that one but no info on the timing in it.
  9. This is the link to the manual: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/461606/Duerkopp-Adler-238.html?page=6#manual . The previous one is the link to the parts list.
  10. I can't attach the manual here because it is more than 1.46MB but this is the link to it: http://www.duerkopp-adler.com/commons/download/download-text-attachments/Vintage_Parts_Books_Duerkopp/239.pdf You'll find a pic of the machine attached.
  11. Indeed, sorry, it's a 239. Can I still change the title of this topic? Edit: Title fixed
  12. Dear All, I am new in sewing leather with a machine after a couple of years of handsewing leather. I recently purchased a Durkopp 239 125 machine and am looking for a manual to time the machine perfectly. I've found a 'general' manual but with no info on timing the machine. All info, manuals, pictures on how to..for this type of machine are welcome. I live in Belgium and there is not much to find on this side of the world. I am also looking for a supplier for thread and needles in Belgium, should there be other Belgians on this forum :-). thanks regards Manu
  13. Really nice work. I will try out the treasure card design, great idea.
  14. If don't know exactly the hours but I made it in about two weeks, I have a day time job that is very time consuming so I only have time in the evenings and a bit in the weekends (have to give some time to my motorcycles also :-) ) The lining is yellow coloured pigskin.
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