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  1. [ It has been awhile since I posted anything new. I have been wanting to make this for ages. So here it is. I first made a double paper mache form to use as a base. I then put a leather mask over that. Once I had the solid base, I began to place the layers of leaves. After I was satisfied with the place ment I panted the many layers . Basically a dry brush painting on then pulling it off with my fingers to create a muted or mottled look. I did not want to spray it with sealer so I used auper Shine product. I am very pleased. What do youl think? Kimber
  2. So sorry I missed your birthday. Crazy year here. I hope it was fabulous.


  3. Has anyone made renn faire shoes , otherwise known as viking shoes?

  4. Kim Happy Birthday Hope you have a great birthday. Gary

  5. Good Morning All and thank you for the wonderful replies. The bags are indeed tooled. As for close ups , well you can see I am a terrible photographer.So, sorry. Diaper Bags!!?? Oh dear lord , I already have twin grandsons , please let them all get married first! LOL! The dye is something I came up with because I cannot find a good pink dye anywhere. It is a 32 oz bottle of Fiebings reducer with a 1/2 small bottle of Fiebings OX Blood Dye. I love the color and have used it several times. Have a great day all! kimber
  6. Tom all I can say is ... DAMN! kimber
  7. Fiebing white is the worst stuff out there. To make pink , I use a dauber of ox blood in a small bottle of reducer. The same with grey, using a dauber of black and a small bottle of reducer.If you want darker adjust and use twice the oxblood or black. I hope that helps. kimber PS. I just made 2 large Hot Pink bags. For those I used 1/2small bottle of ox blood to one large bottle of reducer.
  8. So the two new daughters in law love pink and they love fairies. Sooooo, being the good Mother in Law I decided to make them each a Hot pink Fairy bag for Christmas. They loved them! Personally , I think the Hot pink vacuum cleaners I bought them were the cooler gift. I mean come on now, what other mother in law finds HOT PINK vacuum cleaners??? LOL! kimber
  9. Hi there kimber, just saw your note thanks for the tip I will give it a try.


  11. Thank you and a very happy Birthday to you as well. Nice to meet a fellow Capricorn who is also a leather worker!

  12. Happy Birthday. May you have many more on this most special day.

  13. Hi Sas, I was also having a bit of issue with the Fiebings Red dye. I used just a drop or two of black dye and the color was no longer pink. Now if you want a pretty deep pink, try a bit of Ox blood with reducer, comes out beautiful!

  14. Hey Kimber!!!

    Sooo sorry I missed to reply on the Lionshead with wings post (about the eyelets)!!! Annswer is posted there in a minute. Thanks for viewing and comment!!!


  15. Thanks Max and Deseree, I love fairies and prefer the muted colors. esp for fall. kimber
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