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  1. I am making a pigskin lined guitar strap for Collective Soul. I have 3 conchs to add, do i add them before the lining so the screw is covered ??

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    2. Big


      How do i roll the pigskin onto the leather to get a complete seal. what if I patched the screw heads with say a quarter size piece of pigskin ?

    3. DoubleC


      The quarter size pieces are bound to show. Take your belt back after the concho place ment and put glue the length of it. Place the pig skin on and see where the glue marks are. Add glue to the area leaving some extra on each side. smooth it down, let it set overnight and then sew. Or use double sided tape to get it to adhere. Cheryl

    4. Tugadude


      I've become a fan of double-sided tape recently.

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