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  1. Hello all! First and foremost I have to reach out and say thank you for being a great resource for this community! What more can you ask for in finding answers to any and all questions! I have to ask if anyone has dealt with issues using a Techsew TS-3850? I purchased one at the end of the summer to add to my ever growing fleet of machines... (Juki TNU-243U, Atlas AT-318, Seiko-8BLD, & Consew 205RB) At the shop we needed a good cylinder arm machine and spent some time researching what we wanted (and what fit the budget). I landed on the Techsew because of the price, reviews, and the fact that they were just north of us in Canada. We have pretty much only purchased new machines so the fact that they were in Canada was important if there was any issues in receiving this. Below has been my experience: When the machine was delivered I had to unload it from the semi with out warning, no pallet jacks, and the driver was clueless. I later learned we did not purchase the "white glove" delivery. Seemed to me that it was a little odd. Excitedly we brought the machine into the shop and started to assemble it to use only to find out that this was sent to us untimed. I emailed and called Techsew for a few weeks (had to send their tech a video of me threading it properly) all to no avail. On top of the money that was spent on a brand spanking new machine I brought a few technicians into the shop to check it out. They both said that the issue was that every time the machine would run a stitch it would throw it off time and that I needed to replace this. I contacted Techsew without really any answers. Finally, when I asked to just return the machine and forget all the mess they said I am only able to exchange it...........with a 20% restocking fee...............on a machine they sent to me in nonworking order. Anyone have similar experiences. I don't really need help in fixing it, been there done that, just want to see if anyone has had this issue with them. Also, anyone want to buy a Techsew-TS380....
  2. Hey There! I am needing a little bit of help on a few machines I am running in my shop. They are both brand new machines and I have not really gotten them to run properly since receiving them. We predominantly hand stitch but are using machines more and more. I purchased an Atlas AT-318 & a TechSew TS-3850. I am having generally the same issues with both machines. I'll start with the Atlas. I got the Atlas running great but the minute I switch from 2 layers of 2-3oz leather to 3 layers of 2-3oz leather we are finding that our thread frays, skipped stitches and a general low quality of seams. I have adjusted the tension, switched needles, adjusted thread thickness and it will still always fray. I have had issues with the timing on this machine and it seems like Atlas has fallen off the face of the earth when I have reached out to them. The TechSew has never run properly. When I received this machine it was running.... barely. I switched the thread to the same size and color of the sample thread that it came with. From there it went downhill. The machine keeps throwing it out of time. I was on the phone with their customer support for a few hours and the technician said it was super rare for these to come in the condition it was in when it was sent to me. Every single time I retime this machine and run a stitch it throws it back out of time. I have sent them videos of threading the machine as they suggested with no response at all. I really would like to get these up and running. Seems like a waste of money for them to be sitting in my shop collecting dust. I am turning to all of you guys since I can get the support needed from the manufacturer. Thanks so much!
  3. Hey There, I received my brand spanking new Techsew 3850 today. Spent roughly an hour or so figuring it out and just when I got it working everything went down hill. I'm going on hour number 8 and every issue seems to have gotten worse. the major problem that I have is that it does not seem timed properly. When I lower the needle it jams into the bobbin. Anyone have any insight. Techsew doesn't have anything in the manual nor online. Any help would be useful! Cheers,
  4. Hey There, We are in need of a piece of Horween's Natural CXL in roughly 5/6oz. I will not need a full side of this as we do not typically add this to our collection. This is a hired job and we just need about 4 sqft. Let me know if anyone has some we can buy off you! Cheers, Christian howlandhidesupply.com
  5. Hello All, After spending an ungodly amount of time scowering all the resource threads I am having a hard time locating a good avenue to grow your business through an industry forum. We are currently in numerous local shops in the Indianapolis, Indiana area but looking for a forum that will provide communication between craftsmen and the buyer (wholesale). Leatherworker.net is such a great tool to share ideas and processes but I am trying to find something that can connect to the industry. We have attended trade shows such as MAGIC and Desert and Denim but would love to connect on a wider scale throughout the US. Any info helps! Cheers,
  6. Hey Guys! Just confirmed this is Dublin but was a custom color making it a bit harder to distinguish.. Please do tell about burnishing Dublin. I find that I am able to smoth the edge when the edge is not beveled but never knew someone found success in burnishing Dublin with a Beveled edge.
  7. I also use W&C Show harness for all my bags. I actually just use my current stamp from LW Leather (Horrible experiance obtaining my stamp but that is another issues) and I use a C clamp and leave it overnight. It's a cheap way to obtain a good press. Works well for me!
  8. I use a leather marking pen. Super easy to rub off after the stamp is applied!
  9. Hey Spence, I use 7-8 oz veg tan that I dyed for the front and back pannels of my MD bag. For the sides I use 4-5 oz then add a gusset. Also, I use a steel plate for the bottom of my bags as extra reinforcement and a steel frame with chicago screws. I would go with harness leather as you really need to work the stitching and I find it easier. Here is a photo of one of mine. Hope this helps!
  10. I use chrome tanned leather for my motorcycle bags and really do not apply much to finish it as it already has a weather proof finish. The most I would say to do is just go over it with some leather lotion! Cheers!
  11. Oh the battle to find buckles! I have been down this road and have asked everyone where to find them! It is a bit of a hunt but I get mine through Ali Express, Ebay, Amazon... The hardest part is finding metal strap keepers in the size needed for a watchband! I use 4-5 oz Horween Dublin for my straps and skive the buckle end. Horween does a great job with the finish on the underside of the hide so I do not double up the strap. Good Luck!
  12. Hey guys! So I stumbled upon this gorgeous Horween side at a leather shop and need help distinguishing what type it is. I'm guessing the CXL tan but I want to be 100% as I will be offering goods using this. Both The Tannery Row and Horween are not the best during a time crunch. Much appreciated!
  13. Hello All! So I am making these tool rolls for a local bike shop and started using some Wickett & Craig that I use for almost every bag I carry.. After finding that I did not really like the look I stopped by a local leather shop here in Indianapolis and found this awesome black waxed suede scrap piece and was able to craft the rolls I needed. I would love to find this from a US tannery. Anyone know anyone that has this?? Cheers!
  14. Hey guys! Just wanted to share a custom order I just completed. Never really posted to the Show Off! forum but I really loved making this! Everyone knows that super awesome feeling after finishing something that has been created from Veg Tan to completed!
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