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  1. Thank you! Is there a better setting tool? I have the Tandy basic glove and Segma set. I'm not ready to give up yet! Tamara
  2. Wow, thank you! I was so focused on my 3D horns, which I'm really happy with, and so frustrated with how unruly horse hair is, that I paid little attention to the jaw. I have one like this to ship out tomorrow, and then I'll redesign a bit. That mini fog machine would be great with a Dragon mask! Tamara
  3. Hello Mask Makers! I recently had a commission for a Baphomet with a horse hair beard. Although the customer was happy, I'm not excited about the beard. Any tips for making horse hair 'goatees'? Thank you! Tamara faceOdd Wearable Art Masks
  4. I was away for 6 years and this is the very first thing I saw when I logged back in yesterday. Wow! I don't know that 'beautiful' is the appropriate adjective, but beautifully executed nevertheless! Tamara faceOdd Wearable Art Masks
  5. Hello Leatherworkers! I taught an Introduction to Leatherworking: Cuff Bracelets class this past weekend. I typically make masks, and when I need to use snaps, Line 24 have always been great. For bracelets, I was thinking the lower profile of Segmas would be better. Having no experience setting them myself, I pulled up a quick YouTube tutorial and we were on our way. To disaster! We had to pull out about 80% of the snaps we set because they were mangled in the setting process. Once we adjusted the amount of force and focused on keeping the driver perpendicular it got a little better, but it seemed like the driver was causing some of the grief. Aside from ever using them again, what suggestions do you have? Thank you! Tamara faceOdd Wearable Art Masks
  6. Hi Barry,

    Your masks are amazing. I especially like your Wolf. I also made my first mask, corset and shoes for a convention. Funny how that happens! Leather is so versatile, and in many ways, forgiving. I'm very much looking forward to what you create next! ~Tamara

  7. Thank you, everyone, for your input. I decided to take the commission. The mask is finished and delivered to the wrestler. We're both very pleased with the results. Once it makes its debut in the ring next week, I'll post pictures in the 'show off' section. Thanks again! Now I'm off to make pink leather fairy wings and bags for senior citizens' walkers. Such a strange summer! Tammy
  8. Hi Alex, Thank you for your input. I met with him yesterday. He's not worn a leather mask before, so it's new to him also. I was feeling more confident about it yesterday, but last night I had the worst nightmares about it. I'm sure it'll be fine, but I just wanted to put my questions out there in case someone has information I'm not aware of. I'm such a perfectionist that I won't even let him wear it if I have any reservations when it's done. It's going to look really good, but I want it to function even better : ) Tammy
  9. Hello there, I've been crazy-busy and someday, I promise to post pictures again of the things I've been up to. For now, however, I'm in desperate need of information. I've been commissioned to make a custom pro wrestler mask. We have the design worked out, but I've been having nightmares - literally - about the safety aspects. The outer layer will be 5-6 oz. water-hardened leather, with six straps riveted to this layer with double-cap antique brass rivets. There will be an inner layer of 3-4 oz. leather to keep the rivets from ever touching his face. The two layers will be sewn together. There will also be a chin strap. The mask will lace in the back to hold it securely to his face. My concerns: ~How can I make it easy to remove in the case of an emergency without risking it being pulled off by accident during a match? My idea is to include a pair of paramedic's shears for cutting the laces if need be, but he wouldn't be able to pull it off himself. ~Some people line the masks with hard rubber in key places. How can I do this, and what are the 'key places'? With the double-leather concept, I was thinking about putting a thin layer of padding between the two layers, thinking this may suffice. It's hard to know, since I've never been punched in the face before. ~After taking every safety precaution I can possibly think of, how can I keep myself safe from being sued in the event something still manages to go wrong? A liability waiver releasing myself? Are there things from your experience that have been problematic that I may have not taken into account? I know it needs to be sleek and without buckles, spikes, etc. to keep his opponent safe, but I'll be the first to admit that this is a whole new world for me and I'm feeling a little clueless. I don't want anyone to get hurt - any more than they intend to, anyway! Thank you for whatever input you may have! With any luck, the mask will make its debut in the ring in two weeks and then I'll be able to post pictures of it : ) Tammy
  10. Make that two guaranteed customers. I LOVE them! What a great idea. ~Tammy
  11. faceOdd

    Spirit of Autumn

    This is my favorite of your masks, so far. It turned out fabulous! I really like how you layered it, and how well the layers work with one another. Sometimes people layer masks for this effect, but they don't quite achieve an organic look or feel the way you did. Great job! ~Tammy
  12. Yesterday I e-mailed a high end boutique manager at a performing arts space of sorts about the possibility of them carrying a selection of my sculpted leather masks, either on consignment or wholesale. Today he requested my wholesale price list. It caught me off-guard, as I expected he'd want to try them on consignment first. Is there a formula for determining wholesale pricing? Is it half of my retail price, like most consignments would be? Or, should it be even less - 40% or so, since they'd be buying them outright? The venue is a great match of my own interests and some of my styles will, I think, be very popular there. I don't want to over-price them and risk missing the opportunity, but at the same time, I don't want to under-price them, either. Any advice? Thank you! ~Tammy
  13. You're very welcome, Regis! I'm glad you like them. ~Tammy
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