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  1. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone had a good recipe for a liquid edge rub, I see that Rons Tools are no longer, that is where I was purchasing his edge rub. Do any of you know what was in it? Thanks in advance!!
  2. Wow, that is so nice, I just might have to try that!! Thanks for sharing this with the forum.
  3. I really like how you stamped the tabs that came around the front side, very nice, usually never see that!
  4. Your work is so clean and defined, looks really nice. It makes me envious and want to do that kind of work myself. You seem to be very busy, no question about why! What else do you make? Frank

  5. I am so inpressed by the use of the giraffe cow hide, it is so popular right now. Along with Bob, I think you did a great job with the resist type of finish. GREAT JOB!!
  6. Hi Bob, I am a huge fan of your work also, You really blew me away with your creativity on those breast collars, very nice. Where did you get the lettering from, did you just pick it out of your computer, or is there a book out there with block fonts that I need to know about? You probably pulled it out of your brain!! Thanks again for sharing such great stuff!! Tina
  7. If you don't mind me asking, what brand knife and blade style do you like to use?? I have one of Pauls and really like it, but I seam to have a swivel knife fetish Yes, I need help. Thanks, Tina
  8. A birthday present for a special friend. Thanks for looking, Tina
  9. Wow, great job!! I've never seen a belt like that before. What is a miniature bronc belt used for? Also, what brand swivel knife is that? Thanks, Tina
  10. Very sharp and clean, I would also love to see it finished with color. Is that a Al Stohlman swivel knife, if so what type of blade do you use? I used one for a few years, then bought a Barry King knife and just love it.
  11. I spray leather sheen on all of my projects. thanks, Tina
  12. I would love to see your halters when you get done, I just winged it with the design, I think anything goes with the stripes. I've had girls tell me they like the leopard print too. Thanks, Tina
  13. Here is a Halter that I made for a client, this is the first time that I've done the Zebra behind the name. I cut the lines in with my swivel knife. Thanks for looking!! Tina Burke
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