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  1. Hi Bai I recently rescued one of these put out on the street. I had a few issues but seem to have solved them in the main. I'm still working out what it can and can't deal with. I did need to change to a thinner thread than what's on my pfaff 545 and consew 226 to get a clean tack, and it is happy only to a certain thickness of material. I went to an M30 thread (thats the metric - I think its a #69 thread american) with a 110 (imperial 18) needle to sew a thick webbing to a D1000 codura glued to sheepskin. It stitches this ok with the cordura side up, wool side down. If I add a second layer of webbing I get a mess and tangle on the bottom. Im still experimenting, and have bought thinner thread (M40 - is this getting close to a #46?) Im still finding the different size systems confusing.... Essentially Im finding you need to match the thread size (and needle) to the work. Hope this helps. rgds Ken
  2. Hi Glen. Thanks for responding. I will attach pics. I have just picked the machine up. It was 200 aus $. I plan to make canvas gear bags (webbing reinforced), archery leather gear such as "traditional" quivers, bow covers in leather etc. Not sure at this stage how heavy a leather I will end up working in but I hope to be able to sew belts, knife holsters and that type of thing. It has the old motor on it so I guess I will need to change this to get a slower speed. rgds Ken
  3. Hi all, My first post here, and like many new members I am looking for advice on a machine purchase. I have the opportunity to buy a pfaff545 H2 B6 but am unsure whether it will do the heavier leather work. It is hard to find info on the H3, and any advice would be greatly appreciated. The H3 seems much more common. Thanks in advance , Ken Melbourne Australia
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