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    I like the challenge in making custom leather products that can't be found in any store.
    Meeting with other leather crafters to expand both our skills.
    Only product I will not do is boots. There are enough quality boot makers already.

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  1. there are a few things that could cause this. 1. the needle is bent. 2. the wrong needle has been put in 3. i believe this to be your issue, it sounds like the machine is out of time. like a car the parts of your machine have to work together. When they don't your machine will not move or in your case the needle hits.
  2. sounds like it would work, tho you may try the leather/rubber cement bond that is used for glueing leather. you would probably have a better response as you will be around a moisture rich environment
  3. Samantha ... If you havent started DONT. I have restored many projects & if you go the the 50 50 you are about to destroy the work. email me & I can help you NortonCustomLeather@gmail.com
  4. Rannoch you may be able to fill the holes depending on the final color of the leather. Black yes, show brown yes
  5. Nettie you can redo the wiring and run it to test. In normal use if the machine has an oil sump you will have to use oil. It should have an oil sump under it. There is designated sewing machine oil. You can not use any other oil. Transporting... you should have a removal plug for draining the oil when changed. So you would have to remove & fill upon setup. You should be able to get a manual from singer. If not you can email me & I may be able to get one. Brad NortonCustomLeather@gmail.com
  6. if any of the material is metal you could get a gold plater. it also plates in other colors. i have one im selling, like it i just dont use it. for leather i wouldn't recommend any foil. it doesn't flex enough & will not with stand the use
  7. this is a couch i redone. i may be able to get you the right info or help. feel free to email Brad. NortonCustomLeather@gmail.com
  8. im in TN & might be able to help guide you thru the process if your interested feel free to contact me NortonCustomLeather@gmail.com
  9. Bee did u find an answer that satisfied your cleaning need? i may be able to help if not. iv done major repairs on leather furniture & other items
  10. Goat will make a nice liner. I question why so thick on your holsters? If I do a heavy holster it is normally for a Desert Eagle style gun. Most of my holsters are designed out if 5/6 lined or not. My holsters are also designed so only the wearer can remove the gun. All are done with no retention straps or snaps.
  11. I don’t get on here much, but if you would like to still discuss this issue feel free to email me & I will discuss it with you today Brad Norton Custom Leather
  12. You can go to the singer web & DL the manual. If it can be slowed it should show you how
  13. if you can get to it you can always do a backing of leather that will resist the tear. i would not expect the denim to tear tho. looks good i like it
  14. With all iv done , I don't line anything. Feeling is lining is for the "bulk" producers that have something to hide. coach, lv, ect... while lining has its place, dress belts, some purses/wallets, the craft many of us do should be enjoyed inside & out. if you properly treat the leather it will protect your gun
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