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  1. Hello to all leatherworker, I would like to make a dream come true and purchase a Dürkopp-Adler 869 180112 sewing machine. Therefore I have a few questions and would be very happy to hear your experiences and get some help. First of all, I don't know, whether to buy the 869-180122-M with DA direct drive or the 869-180122 with Efka DC1550 / DA321G? As I'm a little bit old-fashioned and because of my very good experiences with Efka drives, I tend to the second option with Efka DC1550 / DA321G! I would love to know your opinions about this tiopic. My second question is about the price. Because I'm from Germany, I made a quotation for the machines at Dürkopp-Adler and received an offer for 8100 € plus 19 % VAT. I read in an older post http://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/70630-adler-669-m-series/ that maybe it's possible to get better prices, by buying in the UK, Holland or Belgium. Is that right, how much is the price difference and do you have a recommendation for a sewing machine dealer? Ideally in Holland, because it is not really far away thank you in advance and please excuse my english Anna
  2. It is an older machine, a yellow one, but as good as new with only a few operating hours. The difference of the stitch lenght is really significant, about 1,5 mm on the first stitch.
  3. Hello, I have a little Problem with my new Pfaff 335 sewing machine. The stitch lenght for reverse stitching is smaller thant the forward stitching. I don't find an instruction, how to fix this problem in the service manual. Does someone know how to adjust this? Kind regards Anna
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