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  1. Ya still feelin new??

  2. OK pretty noob when it comes to anything more complicated than wallets and small items but my stitching has gotten better. I have to ask though-- what is loop casting?? Good job OP on your first go with the templates! Have had many BRL in my watch list and haven't yet bought any. Methinks it's time
  3. I think it looks neat and different but I prefer saddle stitching anyway. It's clean, strong as heck and just plain works. Now if I can figure out to use 2 color threads at once I'll be getting somewhere. Thank you for the info!!
  4. Hey guys, noob here.. Been around a while lurking and learning. Still just a hobbyist. I want to create a simple fold over card wallet type thing, but I want more volume in the pocket. I've seen something similar done w leather (can't find again of course) where the maker cut out darts/triangles on the round edge and pulled the 2 pieces together with a nice stitch to create volume in a 1 pocket pouch/ small card wallet. I know I can try w paper, my problem is knowing how much of a dart to make so that when pieces come together that the back and front of wallet are even? The pics don't really help as it's fabric and a glasses case but maybe you can see what I'm trying to achieve? Simple rectangle wallet, rounded edges w sewn darts to create volume instead of a flat pocket. Suggestions? Or am I trying to make this more difficult than it needs to be?
  5. So is the bottom part actually a larger piece folded in half? Or is it just one piece with the loop at the top wrapped around?
  6. Hey folks. Just a hobbyist and amateur leather worker here. I have seen and wanted this little wallet for a while but I figured I could just make it myself. What stands out is the stitching. I actually asked the maker what kind of stitching it is - she replied it's not saddle stitching because that is 'overkill' for a wallet, something like that. I cannot replicate what this is or even come up with what style it may be. Any ideas? https://www.etsy.com/listing/157324836/personalized-gift-treasure-chest-credit
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