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  1. Very cool, this is exactly what I am looking to make for myself. Thanks so much for sharing.
  2. Thanks for posting this, I think my wife will be very happy. When I get a round tuit
  3. Wow. That is defiantly the stuff nightmares are made of. It's got a real freaky edge to it. I like it, nice work
  4. @immiketoo is there a class schedule or list for upcoming classes? Or links for purchase of past videos of classes. These sound great and I would like more info please. And I'm leaving this here cuz I would bet others would like the info as well.
  5. I would search u tube for whip making. Looks quite similar and there are some good ones on there
  6. They are great, how are they to use, they look like they would be as smooth as butter.
  7. I just picked up a set of these in power fist wraps at princess auto today, they look pretty good
  8. Thanks yet again Tboyce. I cannot express the amount of appreciation I have for doing this.
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