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  1. Hopefully 2 more weeks , the shafts where machined the wrong size!!!
  2. I do realize that but it’s in design .Should be ready to Go in about two weeks . just wanted to see if I should possibly market it since I made and designed this for myself , because $600 for one seems ridiculous.
  3. Hey everyone , Just wanted to see what everybody’s thoughts were on a $200 belt embosser that you could take the embossing rolls that anybody makes and put on this machine . It’s very very simple to use and all steel construction with heavy duty bearings and adjustable height for different thicknesses of leather. Hand crank , and Made in the USA by me.. .Do you think there Would be a market for it , Again for about $200 . thanks Paul
  4. You, my friend..... Are The Man !!!! Thanks, it worked Perfect ! Paul
  5. Hey All, I'm new to the Sewing machine world . I just got a Techsew 5100 SE, used but in great shape ....but.... The backstitch will not line up with the holes on the forward stitch . The stitches are farther apart then the forward stitches . I'm pretty good with working on stuff but I have no manual to tell me anything so I have been learning on line and this site, so thank you for all the help I have been given thus far by many on here ! I searched this but can't seem to find any info ... Thanks !!!! Paul
  6. Here is one of may bags. What I would like to do is use a machine instead of hand stitching since my fingers are shot. Looking at cylinder machine but don't know if I can get the stitch close enough to the inside edge to look right on the end cap piece(hope that makes sense) .Totally new at machine stuff so if it's a dumb question bare with me ... The cylinder would be placed in side the end cap from the outside(lol) to stitch to the bag... Thanks
  7. I like that machine ! You ever sew light weight stuff on it ? I here it's great for heavy stuff but not so great and under 6oz.. Why are you selling it?? I'm in Myrtle Beach . Paul
  8. Hey just curious what is the thickest thread you can use for this machine?? Thanks
  9. Hi, Where are you located ? Thanks Paul
  10. $1900 or trade for good Sewing machine. I been using this for 15 years and it will save you so much time it's not funny. I'm in SC pick up is on you, it weighs like 75 lbs. Awesome machine I just don't use it anymore ...
  11. More pics and video to come, Works like it was just made , It's a beast .
  12. Thanks everyone . It's that Stinky old Fiebings dye that they don't make any more !!!
  13. Ok so I know everyone hates this stuff and Fiebings doesn't make it any more , but I like it . And after reading Every post about it , no one seams to know what to reduce it with . I've tried denatured Alcohol and Mineral Spirits .The guy (sorry forgot name) that made the cross didn't mention if the turpentine worked for reducing the gray ..... The Gray (same Glass bottle and smell ) does mix with the white real nice contrary to what people say !! . Any Idea from someone Who Has Used And Reduced It With Luck ? Thanks
  14. Hey , I was thinking that ,but can you then spray Oil dye over it ? I don't think it would work .
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