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  1. Hi, You can buy a decent, but cheap VOM/Multimeter from Harbor Freight, for about $10. Then go on U-Tube and type in how to use the different functions and how to find a short in the wiring. The other thing it might be is a bad, on/off switch or light switch if the machine has one. Cheapest way to go If you don't have a shop to take it to?
  2. Hi, Made a stamped, sewn belt for my Sister. This belt has a solid brass buckle from The Buckle Guy, made from a hand cut (bend) strap from Springfield Leather, and hand sewn with Tiger Thread. Finished with a 100% Neatsfoot Oil/Beeswax mix, I make!
  3. Hi, Well...1911's are like Glocks, except for men! If that is your first belt you are on your way. I also sew my buckles, but as was stated, sewing across, weakens the belt! Just sew down the sides. We are all learning, just some off us have been learning longer!!!
  4. Hi, VERY nice, I hand sew also, gotta love it!!!
  5. Hi LOL! Lee you are talking to Americans here. We have invented or improved more things than the rest of the World put together! While I appreciate your workmanship, it is nothing that has not been done many times before in this country! Good luck with your endevours, but this ain't Rocket Science, just shop work!
  6. Hi, This was interesting! I forged knives for years, including pattern weld, cable san mai, and also the japanese "Hamon" quench techniques! I paid for my shop almost, selling knives made from a set of 1939 Studebaker leaf springs, I bought for $5! If you want to get in a real knock down drag out.... Go to a Knifemakers meet or convention... And start talking about HEAT TREAT!!! Different steels will take a back seat!!!
  7. Hi, There's not much to it. I just melt a little high grade beeswax in some REAL neetsfoot oil on a burner. Take it easy with the heat! Porportions would be about 2 teaspoons of wax to a cup of oil. You don't need a LOT of beeswax! If there is some white wax residue in the tooling after it dries.... Just take a clean old tooth brush and brush it out!!!
  8. Hi, I make a Neetsfoot oil, beeswax mix to put on the belt after I dye. Then I sew and finish the belt. Then I put a coat of the Fiebrings Canaba Cream finish as the last touch and polish lightly with a cloth. My feeling is the Neetsfoot oil feeds the leather and the cream put a nice glow on the surface? Seems to work!
  9. Hi, Thanks for the kind words! These belts are funny. With the top of the line material there is about $30 spent before the work is even started! Admittedly you can buy an embossed belt for that amount. But, I'll have to say it does not come close to this belt in looks or pride of ownership. I so far have not tried to sale any of my belts... Prefering to make them for presents to friends and family!!!
  10. Hi, Thanks fellas, I'm improving! Got my stamping deeper and got an edge guide for my swivel knife to cut the border! Makes for a better "organized" fence for the border stamp I think!!!
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