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  1. Cannot tell from the picture angle, but did you pattern this after the Tucker style holsters?
  2. This is a walking foot sewing machine. With about 16" bed. It has a 1 1/4" presser foot lift. Stitches up to 700 stitches per minute when connected to a motor. I have never had this connected to a motor as I never had a table/stand large enough for it. It is just too big of a machine and I already have another machine I use. I have done some "hand" stitching with it, in other words I rotated the drive pulley by hand to use the machine. It stitches very nicely. The last time I used it I set the timing, but it has been sitting for several years on my workbench in the garage. When the machine was shipped the stitch length adjustment bar was broken. It is basically a piece of all-thread that had a wood ball on the end. It needs replaced. I have a box of what I will call "accessories". It looks to be mostly items to set up the machine for mounting on a stand with a motor and thread stand parts. I have a copy of a manual but it is a rough copy that came off the internet. This is definitely an industrial machine, new these range around $7000. I am asking $3000. This is in the Kansas City area. Terms: Personal Check, Cashier Check or Postal Money Order Shipping: Personal Delivery within 500 miles of Kansas City If payment is by Personal Check or Cashier Check, delivery will be made once the check clears
  3. Give Zack White a try. They had horse butts a while back.
  4. Otto, that is one spectacular rig. Your art skills definitely shine through. To comment on the hunting pic. I fall on the side of "don't care". It's an "action shot" of putting your leather to work. Do I want a whole thread filled with them, nope. To each his own I guess.
  5. That shoulder-chest rig took a lot of leather. To give it strength and rigidity because of the open top I had 8oz double shoulder on the outside and 6 oz horse on the inside with a 3/8 thick welt that was 1" wide the full length of the bottom edge to help hold the body of the holster open. It was a challenging project. Then to add to it the guy I was making it for lost about 30 lbs while I was making it so I had to re-adjust the chest belt for the 4 inches he lost around the chest. Overall I was pleased with the outcome and quite honestly once the chest and shoulder straps were set the rig was really comfortable and the weight of the gun was not even noticable. If it is difficult to tell in the pictures, that second holster, for the Sig is like an Avenger style with an outside layer stitched in place to make an IWB style holster. The natural opening of the wrap around Avenger style lends itself to being a great IWB style due to ease of reholstering.
  6. AE nice sheath design. Casing is key to getting sharp stamping just like Josh and others have said. Josh, excellent post.
  7. Nice rig Chief! I just finished a chest rig for a scoped SW500 in 10.5 inch. He had the same purpose. It is his backup gun for a 308 AR10 when he goes hog hunting.
  8. Have not had time to post in quite a while. Plus many other projects i.e. honey-do projects. Here are the latest holsters completed.
  9. Yep. As others have said, you can use chicago screw posts as well. They give a more 'finished' look. I've used them as well, whichever fits the application.
  10. Honestly, any time I have put tension screws on mag carriers I have just gone to ACE hardware and bought the following: 6-32 stainless countersink machine screws in whatever length I needed the appropriate 6-32 countersink black finishing washers a bag of 6-32 T-Nuts (usually in a quantity of 2 or 4) a length of black rubber hose in 3/8 OD or 7/16 OD (which I then cut to appropriate length to cover the thread of the screw between the two layers of leather
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