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  1. i mix beeswax and coconut oil. i use one part coconut oil to one part beeswax (measured by weight) melt them in a double burner and apply to leather. i usually only do it to leather that will have heavy use such as motorcycle seats and outdoor products.
  2. i have used a full sheep skin as a seat covering on my motorcycle for years. thru wind rain dirt it has always held up i had one i used for 3 years straight and i am not talking about riding a few miles, 10,000 plus miles a year. i don't think you will have any issues with it. BTW, i also use it in zippered gun cases
  3. i utilize both stain and acrylic paints i have attached an example
  4. thank you all for your kind words. i am really just starting with the portraits these that you see are some of my first. i have had orders for some third anniversary portraits since the traditional gift is Leather. hopefully one day i can find my niche'
  5. i thought i would put up some of my portraits i have done lately. Elvis was a test just to see how it would turn out. i was gonna use it as a sample for people to judge my ability but it sold before i could get it framed. i did frame it but did not get picture of that.
  6. I know this is an older thread but i want to chime in. i am an artist and my current medium is leather. an artist creates images that are pleasing to the eye, period, whichever eye is willing to enjoy the creation. here are some of my latest leather art creations. The Sugar Skull was for a wallet and the Mermaid is on a 3 leg tripod Fishing Chair
  7. Thanks. i must admit that for many years this was a Hobby as I was tattooing for real money. but as I have gotten older my hands shake a little so tattooing is out and Leather work has become my business. i find that the 2 industries have a lot in common when it comes to designing the art and making patterns. as a matter of fact i have used some old tattoo patterns made from acetate from the 70's . they are carved into the acetate with a record needle mirror image. i use it as a tap off and it works well. I am having a blast. I'm like a fat kid in a candy store when i order my leather. i just wish i could always have orders like these. lol
  8. i wanted to share this project. This is for a Tripod fishing stool. this is the first time i have ever attempted to capture the human (Mermaid) form in leather. i am very proud of it and so was my client. they loved it so much that they want a Merman to go with it. here it is:
  9. i made some fillet knifes with palm handles. that looks like palm, am i right? very nice.
  10. I dont have the straps stitched in they slip over the legs. I'm getting $75 for blank chair and tooling is added on top of that
  11. each pocket is stitched to the back piece and glued. so you cant see them. i also use the "t shirt" cut for interior pockets
  12. Well texback you are welcome back anytime. If you are ever in the area would love to meet you. There are never enough contacts in this craft. I made one chair showed some friends and now I have 15 to do.
  13. Chief i love the taper in that sling. very nice, thanks for sharing.
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