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  1. verus22

    My 4th Project

    I love that design! Very creative! I can't offer any advice, since I don't do any carving...but I'm sure there's others here who can.
  2. That is one very solid tote bag! Looks great too!
  3. Ended up scrapping this one and rebuilding/slight re-design.
  4. Thank you. I've learned a few new tricks for edge work lately (I do all my builds by hand. No powered machines). I still play around and try new techniques, but I'm getting real close to settling on a standard method for doing edges. I'm gonna have to keep working on the photography so I can get the best edge shots though. Gotta do some research for that now when I have the time.
  5. Skipped over all the drama...but watched the videos. Really great info there! (and I don't even do holsters). The way I see it...there's always something to learn; always room for improvement. (I can't get over that reverse knife technique Sam was using in that holster video! Great stuff!). Good times.
  6. Is that the 'bishop' color on the tiger thread? It looks really nice with those dye colors!
  7. Just finished the re-make of the firefighter sheath per customer request (he didn't like the other design). I included an edge view this time...which is challenging to take a good picture of! This one is a left-hand draw; 2nd out of a set of 3.
  8. Oh, I feel there's always room for improvement in my work. These sheaths are being made for a friend to be given as gifts, so I wanted a standard to meet before I was ready to give them over.
  9. Thank you everyone for your comments and reviews
  10. I've lost count...maybe 7 or 8? The problem I kept having was with the stitching (as well as a couple design changes). I finally invested in some Blanchard irons and a Barry King awl blade. Made all the difference!
  11. After many tries...I'm finally satisfied. Now I get to make 2 more!
  12. Oh wow. I even zoomed in on the pic too. Ok then, nice machine stitching! :D
  13. VERY nice! Really love the saddle stitch! Don't see that too often on holsters...usually machine stitched.
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