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  1. Hey Folks, I´m selling 5 sets of Wuta pricking irons: 7, 8, 9, 10 SPI obverse and 7 SPI reverse. I will only sell them as a set. All irons are in mint condition. Asking 425$, plus shipping that means you get one set for free compared to Msrp. I will ship worldwide, insured and tracked, cost will depend on the destination. Cheers Scorpio
  2. Hi Guys, just to let you know, I got in a bit of an accident so I can´t work on the machine for a while. I´m still looking at options for mounting motors to it. Cheers
  3. That sounds like a great option. I`m currently looking at this motor https://www.vevor.de/servomotor-c_11222/naehmaschine-servomotor-naehmotor-justierbar-befestigung-kupplungsmotor-750w-p_010611078687. Would it be suitable for that sort of conversion?
  4. Thanks Wiz, I can´t change the resolution in my phone´s camera (Had I known that before I would not have bought the Samsung a54). And I even after compressing them by 75% with Faststone they´re still 1,6-1,8MB. Cheers Scorpio
  5. Hi guys, sorry for the late reply, first my phone croaked and now I can´t upload the pictures even though I already compressed them, it still says they´re too large. Any help would be very welcome. Cheers Scorpio
  6. Thanks Guys, I´ll try to take and post some pictures shortly. Scorpio
  7. Thanks Uwe and Shoepatcher, that certainly helped a lot. But I still can´t figure out how long to cut the leather drive-belt so I can use the treadle mechanism in the interim, (I was rather surprised not to find that piece of information in the Manual that came with the machine). Cheers Scorpio
  8. Thanks Glenn, yes it is on the original iron stand. Good to know that I need not worry about lubrication. I think regarding the motor I´ll try the local Sewing-shops, one has a highly regarded repair service. Scorpio
  9. Hello from Germany guys, longtime lurker first time poster. I just inherited a lovely Adler 30-1 from the 1940´s that runs like a dream, but while trying to switch the drive belt to the other pulley it disintegrated into several dozen pieces. So if anyone knows the length i need to cut the replacement to, please let me know. Also I´d love to retrofit an electric servo motor, but have no idea what motor to buy or if it can even be done to such an old machine? Furthermore i was also unable to find any info on what kind of grease goes into that trough the thread is pulled through. If anyone could give me some pointers I´d be deeply grateful. Cheers Scorpio
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