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  1. I am selling all of my leather working tools and supplies due to a large move. You can see a full list of which tools and leather are still available, as well as their prices here: https://redd.it/4uq3lv I will be updating the post throughout the week. If you want to get ahold of me quickly regarding an item, feel free to shoot me an email: fidesleather@gmail.com Thanks.
  2. Wasn't my favorite part of the project haha. It came out well though. Overall I'm pretty happy with it being my first box-stitched project.
  3. Had a custom order for a fountain pen case, so I had a bit of fun with it.
  4. The holes were made with a 9 TPI Vergez-Blanchard Pricking Iron. And thanks!
  5. Hello, I bought this thinking I'd use it for larger projects, but I've found myself sticking mainly to smaller items, and I don't foresee myself undertaking any larger projects in the near future. So it has mostly been just sitting around. Hopefully someone else will be able to give it more attention that I can. It was bought directly from Vergez Blanchard in France a couple weeks ago, and has only been tested a few times; never got to use it on an actual project. Functionally, there are no problems with it and it works great. These are quite difficult to come across in the States. It comes with 4 sizes of wheels, (7, 9, 10, 12), which can be stored in the brass ball at the end of the handle. Letting it go for 240$ shipped. First come first serve! Also included a picture of a test line of stitching done with the wheel.
  6. My old wallet was feeling a bit outdated and I had some time 2 nights ago, so I sat down and made a new one for myself.
  7. Finally getting around to selling off a few surplus tools that I don't need! The size 0 beveler and the screw creaser were each used about 2-3 times. The sizes 1-2 Bevelers are unused. The screw creaser retails for around 60-70$ from US Resellers, and the edge bevelers are not sold by any US resellers. All four tools were bought straight from Vergez Blanchard in France. The tools in question are: Edge Bevelers (Abat Carre) - Sizes 0-2 - 33$ Shipped Each The sizes for these are consistent with the edge bevelers you might find from Tandy, Seiwa, etc. Screwed Edge Creaser (Cornette a Jonc) - 55$ Shipped The screw creaser has some inconsistencies with the lacquer finish that was applied to the handle (missing some spots), but from what I hear this is common when others have bought the same tool. It arrived in that condition from their factory.
  8. Looks great! Really nice paring job on the second picture. Just out of curiosity, what kind of knife is that (the left one) in the same picture?
  9. Hi! I'm pretty new to this forum. I've had this account for a while but never quite got around to using it. Anyways, I started working with leather a little under 3 months ago, mainly due to boredom and wanting to make my girlfriend a bag. I did end up finishing the bag but decided not to stop there! These are some of the projects I've made during these past months. The pictures are arranged in order from completion.
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