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  1. I have one of these Champion machines coming in at the end of the month. It's going to be a parts machine. PM me and I can send you some pricing on the parts that you are looking for.
  2. I have either a Landis 3 or also an American Straight Needle machine. Both needle awl machines. Both in good working condition. If you are interested in a trade just let me know.
  3. Grizzley tools sell some arbor adapters but not sure what size.
  4. Post a picture can probably help you out.
  5. On the K model you won't be able to put casters on them. I've tried to source industrial casters with a long enough stem. Found some but when you try to move it they bend. It's a waste of time, effort and money because of the 3 point legs. Beyond that it is always going to be unstable even if you could find casters. The three legged configuration is deadly for tipping over if the wheels don't spin right. Casters do however work on the Landis L models with square base. The best way to move a K are the following:. 1. Put a pipe under one of the legs and do a leveraged slide. The longer and thicker the pipe the better. Very effective to move on a flat surface. 2. Grizzley tools sells a rolling tool stand wheel set. Great to move the K around the shop. 3. Use a powered winch or hand crank come along to get them up a trailer ramp. My best recommendation to move them by trailer. Harbor freight. Go slow and adjust the legs as needed to slide up the ramp. They slide down the ramp by themselves. 4. Make your own platform with 4 wheels. I believe 32" x 32" should work. But I think mine is 30" x 34". But not really sure. Need two people or some set blocks to raise it to put it on a platform. 5. Dolly. Good luck with that. There are some specialized Dolly's that lean back with four wheels but they are expensive but a joy to use on these machines. Use a Costco dolly and 50-50 chance you will hurt, maim or kill yourself. I'm moving these by myself all the time using a combination of the above. Other advice:. Leave the chainstitch where it is. Nobody really wants to buy them.
  6. American straight needle machine, Campbell Randall belt combiner machine, and Campbell Randall perforating machine. With these three machines you have the capability to make the most unique belts known to mankind. Selling all three together- package deal. Need to clear shop space. Regrets- will not sell separately. Package price for all three machines together- $2500. Located in Southern California. Shipping possible.
  7. Yes, it is also listed on E-bay
  8. Used Cobra/ Leather Machine Company Burnisher. $350. Works great. Does not come with cocobolo wheel and needs a new sanding sleeve. But comes with buffing wheels. Stand included. Variable speed. Buyer pays shipping. This item is located in Costa Mesa, CA.
  9. This machine used sells for $2850 at Campbell Randall. Asking $995 for this one in great working condition. Willing to trade also what do you have? Item located in Costa Mesa, CA. I can put this item on a pallet and ship at buyers expense. From the Campbell Randall Website: R-75 - Combining and Trimming Machine COMBINES AND FORMS TWO PIECE BELTS TRIMS EDGES WITH STRAIGHT KNIVES FEATURES: For Feather Edge and Bridge Belts Combines and trims belts in one operation Knives trim the belt against a nylon roll once it is formed. The trimming knives can be raised if only combining operation is required. Combining rollers interchangeable for various belt widths. Rollers available in steel and soft or hard rubber. Equipped with clutch motor drive and emergency stop button Made in Italy! Comes with one roll set
  10. American model leather cutter. Useful for shoe repair, shoe making, saddlery and general leather crafting where pattern rough out cutting is needed. This item has been cleaned and painted. This item may need a new blade. The existing blade may work depending on the thickness of leather. This item is also missing the wood handle and ships without a handle. A new part can be improvised or turned. $195. Or open to trades. What do you have? Item located in Costa Mesa, CA. Buyer pays actual shipping cost.
  11. Rare Campbell Randall RPM machine. Used in a variety of situations where punched patterns, brouging or gimping is needed. Comes with an collet which can be removed or changed out to accommodate different punching patterns. Campbell Randall still supplies punch blades for these machines and 100's of punching combinations can be ordered. There is no limit to what creative patterns someone can come up with. Indispensable machine for high end brogue shoes or general leather work. This machine is currently set up with a buck stitch punch for use in saddlery. Machine is set up on a table with a clutch motor. Can put on a pallet and ship. Buyer pays actual shipping cost. Item located in Costa Mesa, CA $1200/ obo. Will consider trades. What do you have?
  12. Greetings, Some questions about boot top sewing machines. Obviously the go to machine for decades has been the Singer 31-15. No question about it's fame and usefulness. But I recently saw the Cobra 5550 BB and had a chance to test one. Fine machine. Big bobbin. Roller foot. I have a juki 555 knock off machine head already stashed in a corner of my shop I bought somewhere for less than $100. If I decided to convert this machine would I, could I....etc.....I have seen a few roller foot conversion videos. Specifically would I have to change the feed dogs? Also can you convert a regular bobbin size to a M type bobbin size? I can see where the large bobbin would come in handy for this use. Finally, it seems like the 555 models would be a bit light weight to do boot tops if you go through the lining and the outer layer from the comments I have seen. The Cobra model has the servo and speed reducer. I'm guessing this set up with the right needle size gives the machine enough power to get the job done. I have both a servo and reducer in the shop also so I could optimize with a similar set up. I just don't want to go through the trouble if it's not going to work out. So any input is appreciated. Any other machines or set ups that would work good, better, best for boot tops? Hard to improve on a gabazillion years of tradition with the 31-15. But major props to Cobra for doing something different. The Cobra machine I tested was awesome and if I didn't hoard old machines it would be a great investment I think. Thanks for any advice.
  13. pogue44

    Cobra strap cutter

    Regarding MM or SAE I have no earthy idea. I'll check it next time I'm at the shop. Cobra can probably tell you. I got this on a trade so I have not used it for any production runs. I'm not sure...
  14. pogue44

    Cobra strap cutter

    Regarding trade I could use the following; Landis 3, Campbell Randell or Champion needle awl machine - must have all the parts and work. Cobra class 4 or Cowboy similar. Leather splitter- Larger than 12" Any kind of working postbed sewing machine. Need it for shoe work. No high speed upholstery machines. An old Singer would be great. Large size harness and tack sewing machine-ie. Singer class 7 or similar. Five in one machine. Sutton S-1000 shoe finisher. Shoe press. I'm open to other stuff too as long as it's of equal value, if I can use it, or if it seems like a good idea to have one at the time lol. My shop is in Costa Mesa.
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