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  1. Hi Kohlrausch Thank you for the reponce! That does clear up a lot of uncertainty.
  2. Hi everyone So I really hope someone can help me with info on a pfaff 335-9B H2L. I was able to purchase the machine from someone selling it on gumtree for $290 which I think is a bargain. I cleaned and oiled the machine, had to make some timing adjustments, now it's working great! I googled the model but was unable to find anything. So if anyone can provide me with some info I would greatly appreciate it!
  3. Hi Everyone Thank you so much for your replies! Today I went to a friend and asked him to take one of his servo motors to test on my machine. The model is a JK-563A 220V 750W=1HP SERVO MOTOR as Constabulary suggested. I must say that the clutch motor still out performs the servo motor when it comes to taking the first stitch through the leather. With the servo motor I still had to hand crank the first stitch at times thought the thick layered leather other than the clutch motor (motor specs: 1,750 RPM Low Speed Clutch Motor. On/Off Switch. Bidirectional Switch. Power Mode Switch 110 / 220 Volt. Power: 400 Watts - 1/2 Horsepower. 6 Volt, 20 Watt Accessory Socket). I did today try and find someone who can help me with a speed reducer, but no luck unfortunately. I will have to order one online it seems, but I was only able to find one for $210 on ebay which is not within my budget at the moment. Wizcrafts I think might have the best advice for me to get the speed reducer. I am also going to ask my dad if he can build me one as he is an engineer and uses speed reducers on other type of machines in their oil factory. I will not need to sew really thick leather all the time, but when I do I'd need the speed reducer. Anyway, thank you all for the advice! THIS SITE IS INCREDIBLE!
  4. Hi Everyone So I purchased a Typical DC 20665 heavy duty machine yesterday. The machine really performs great and it is stitching perfectly. The only thing I need some help on is in regards to the motor. At the dealer they had the machine setup with a clutch motor (model: DOL12L, 1/2 HP 4P) which works well. I do actually want to servo motor for the control and energy saving as electricity in South Africa is quite expensive. They then installed a servo motor which I am not sure of the brand but on the label it said 300W - 700W if I remember correctly. With the servo motor the machine would start the first stitch through the really thick layers of leather, so they had to hand crank the first stitch. Due to this they recommended I keep the clutch motor. I unfortunately did not have the time or the patience to stand there and have a long conversation about the whole motor issue so I decided to go the the clutch motor. Now I am thinking that maybe they could have fitted a more powerful servo motor, but I have no idea what the difference is between all the servo motors. Obviously I can call them tomorrow and ask to change the motor for a servo, but what do I actually ask for? Is there a wattage rating or something that I need to look out for? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Machine specs: EUROPE: http://www.typical-europe.com/en/products/heavy-duty-machines/flatbed-machines/gc20665/ CHINA: http://english.chinatypical.com/Products_011.asp?id=230
  5. Hi Uwe, Thank you for your comments! You have definitely given me a lot of information that is extremely helpful. I did find two suppliers of typical close to the city I stay in, so I will be contacting them today for information. Thankfully I already own a Juki 8300N for the finer work like stitching linings etc. so I only need a machine for the leather itself. The thread size I will be using is M20 (http://acathreads.co.za/content/view/19/49/) together with needle size 140 -160. The Typical TW3-441 I see has a higher needle/thread size than what I am looking to use, so the GC2263 would be in the range that I am looking to use. I've had a look on the net and it seems that the Typical GC2263 is a copy of the Juki LS-1342. I just need to talk to the supplier today and confirm that. I really need to do my homework it seems, but this post has definitely given me a lot to think about. Once I have some more info I will update this post for whoever might have a similar question. Again thank you!
  6. Thank you both for your input. I do feel that I have a better idea of what to look out for. I am going to have a look at all the specs of the machines and try and make a decision.
  7. I am looking at both the Typical TW3-P335 and the GC2263. Links: http://www.typical-europe.com/en/products/heavy-duty-machines/cylinder-bed-machines/gc2263 http://www.typical-europe.com/en/products/heavy-duty-machines/cylinder-bed-machines/tw3-p335 Thank you for the help!
  8. Thank you Barra for your input. I will just have to make sure whatever machine I purchase I can get a table to attach to the machine. I am from South Africa, and we do not have all the machine brands readily available, so I am looking at a Typical cylinder arm compound feed machine. Can you tell me if the cylinder arm machines are as heavy duty as flatbed machine's?
  9. This is my first post, so here it goes. I am hoping to get some advice on buying the correct machine for my needs. I only have experience with flatbed machines and I've never used a cylinder arm machine before. So some advice would be great. The type of products I have been making include laptop bags, tablet sleeves, wallets, duffel bags and some handbags. I am looking to start manufacturing a variety of products and a lot more handbags. From what I gather most people who stitch handbags use cylinder arm machines. Now my question is; would a cylinder arm be able to do what a flatbed machine can do? Are cylinder arm machines as powerful as flatbed machines? Any advice would be great! FYI, I have been running a leather manufacturing business for someone else, and I am starting my own business now, that is why I need to purchase the correct machine.
  10. Hi Guys Does anyone know where I might find good quality leather tools in South Africa?
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