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  1. I have thought about this and I have even done this to an old table that I had. It worked fine but it's not the prettiest job. Im trying to avoid taking the jigsaw to my brand new piece...its just so pretty right now lol
  2. Thank you and your absolutely right about the cost. I'm starting to realize this myself
  3. I purchased a techsew 2600 to do hand bags. So far I love the machine but I have been running into an issue when stitching gussets on stiff bags. It seems that I cannot turn bags around the cylinder arm when stitching becuase the U table gets in the way. I don't understand why they designed the table opening so narrow for a cylinder arm machine. It almost renders the machine useless when making these types of bags. Is there a work around for the limitations of this U shaped table? Are there easy options to purchase a pedestal style table that will fit the machine without too much modification? Thanks Dave
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