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  1. I have the stamp if you are interested. You can send me a PM.
  2. Please send me your complete list with prices. allanms@columbus.rr.com Thank you!
  3. The picture shows the Leather Ornaments which I have made over the years. Allan
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHANNA and many more! Allan Scheiderer
  5. This is a plaque containing the Christmas ornaments that I have made over the years. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Allan
  6. Hi Ross, I do have a few of the stamps that you have listed. Please PM me at allanms@columbus.rr.com Thanks!
  7. Hi Jim, I am interested in the craftaids. Please PM me. Thank you!
  8. This is a collection of Christmas Leather Ornaments that I make each year and send one to my relatives and friends. Merry Christmas! Allan
  9. I have the 8206 Craftool stamp. It is a butterfly. The bass is a Midas stamp.
  10. I will take them all. I am out of town and will be back Saturday. Can you please hold these for me. If you need anything before then please email me. Thank you!
  11. Hello! This is a collection of Christmas ornaments that I have made over the years. Merry Christmas! Allan
  12. Hello! Please reply to my email. I am interested in the magazines. Thank you! allanms@columbus.rr.com
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