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  1. LOTS of Viking brand cheap holsters around the Southwest. They knocked off everyone's designs and made inexpensive, sometimes functional leather holsters. MY dad carried a Llama 22 in a hair side out (too slick) inside the waist band rig for several years. I can't locate a history, website or any other real info on them. A picture would be handy.
  2. Getting fired was the start for me 6 years ago I started with a one page website and a few free classified ads to promote my business. 18 LONG months of selling on eBay until I could self generate enough business to keep my self as busy as I could stand. As I have mentioned before Joe Rollings book Artisans & Money REALLY is a great help. In fact, I'd call it required reading for anyone that plans to sell their leatherwork. Good luck, go for it! Quick working for the man. Rob
  3. this guy "nobearsyet" real name George Barnes, is posting photos of other peoples work on other forums and claiming it as his own work while soliciting for business. I cannot make it any clearer than that. Rob
  4. Whew, I didn't want anyone to think I was painting with a broad brush. All the Best, Rob
  5. To be clear: nobearsyet has been exposed as a thief & a liar. He claimed he worked for Black Hills Leather at one time he showed pictures of Black Hills holsters , from their website as his own work. I called Rudy Lazzaro, the owner, Of Black Hills Leather, he's never heard of this guy. He has a small family & friends type of operation. George "nobearsyet" also claimed the Tom Threepersons holster above as HIS own work. That's so bizarre as to be funny. I'm not quite sure how you took anything to imply you, sir. check the link I posted. Rob
  6. Yes, we see why you wanted other people's photos: to claim as your own work. This "Nobearsyet " AKA: George Barned Or George Barnes posted the Tom Threeperson holster and some of Black Hills Leather Holsters as being HIS OWN, on another forum. He was banned from that forum. http://singleactions.proboards.com/index.c...amp;thread=1171 I've got no skin in this game, but hate a thief and a dumb one at that. Rob Leahy Simply Rugged Holsters
  7. I've been using threadexchange.com http://www.thethreadexchange.com/
  8. Have you looked on eBay or gunbroker?you might look at eBay or gunbroker
  9. HAh! Tandy Was 1,000 miles away until last October. You learn to make do bone smoth wood carpentry tools etc. Get a slicker (a smooth hammer handle or even the barrel of a pen will work. slick those edges after you get them damp. by allmeans dye that leather when it is damp and use a wool patch about 3x3" cover the leather in just a few smooth motions, let it dry. add Tan Coat when your done.
  10. http://www.johnfongexoticleathers.com/ John's easy to work with. If your going to build something with exotic skin, CHARGE for it. Rob
  11. FASNAP.com they are rebuilding their site but have everything by way of snaps
  12. Don't be embarrased to get paid! Don' sell on consignment, heck I hate to sell wholesale:-) If you get too buy, raiseyour prices a bit. This does not always work, you'll reach a point when potential cliants can see the value and are attracted by the higher price. One thing most ofmy customers realize is that they are not buying a something that will only last a few years. Rob (who needs to charge more for his belts)
  13. fasnap.com they make superior snaps and tools
  14. I red about this just before I got real busy and the sight went down. I can't find info now? Can someone that knows about it let me know. Thanks, Rob rob at simplyrugged dot com
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