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  1. Grrrrrrrrrrrr - got to start reading this in the mornings!
  2. wmartin636

    White Pen

    I use a white gel pen, found in art supply or craft stores.
  3. Bit of a pain not having the pricing right there. I've been in there a few times, and basically don't care to find the image on one page and the pricing on another. Getting soft, maybe Download the catalog PDF - you can look up the product in one window, enter the part number on their order form search on the website, returns pricing, colors, etc.
  4. For general reference 1 ounce leather thickness = 1/64"
  5. I just recently visited their facility and found an amazing selection of leather and a friendly helpful staff. Good to learn they are starting to carry some "stock" hides that should always be available. Highly recommended!
  6. I have no problem setting crystal rivets with my hand press. Just use enough pressure to set the rivet, but not crush the crystal.
  7. I buy regularly from The Leather Guy. Great service, fast and reasonable shipping. As an odd lot supplier, you may not be able to get the same leather again, but I do like being able to see the actual hide, including measurements and blemishes. I can lay out a project and be sure hide will be suitable.
  8. I can handle mold of my stitching freehand, but sometimes it needs to be held, like this double layer 9 oz stiff chrome tanned. Not having a pony, I scrounged around the shop and came up with this solution. Yes, the thread get caught in the handles, but after the third time you learn to drape it carefully.
  9. I have to come clean on this deal too, under threat from another member who knows this. My wife uses this a LOT more to click out stuff than I do. She started out making coasters a couple years ago. Simple stamped, but mostly hair on hide scraps glued to scrap skirting and then clicked and edge sewn. She was hand cutting them to start with, and got the attendant oddballs from handcutting anything. I ordered her some dies, and they arrived just before Feb 14th. Guys, clicker dies for your wife are not the most appreciated Valentine's Day gift. Any gift you give her later seems like an afterthought. Seemed like it would be funny at the time..... They say it's the thought that counts, but... I once asked my ex what she wanted for Valentine's Day - she said "anything gold". The golden retriever puppy wasn't exactly what she had in mind.
  10. Nice work and probably a fair price for your time and talent for a belt that will last a lifetime, but... To the general public you are competing with belts that have been run through an embosser or even machine stamped in China. I don't think there are many who will invest that kind of money in a belt unless it is something specific for them, personalized or to commemorate an event, award, etc., or a specific design with meaning to them. You may want to use this belt as an example to market your custom services, even if to offer a size to fit the customer. Just a thought.
  11. Hide House has a chap split (4-5 oz) suede in lime green which looks very close to your color sample. hidehouse.com Ohio Travel Bag may have hardware that will work for you.
  12. They are US based (Ohio) but I have seen positive comments from customers around the world. I am sure they will work with you on shipping, particularly with the quantities you are seeking.
  13. Ohio Travel Bag www.ohiotravelbag.com
  14. A medical needle holder or clamp is good to have on hand for those times when you need to yank a needle through. They are basically a hemostat with no teeth to scratch. I keep one dangling on my little finger and swing it up to grasp when I need it. Find them on Ebay, or use a hemostat, but only grab the needle with the smooth part of the jaws near the hinge, not the serrated portion closer to the end. Have used these in surgery for years, natural for me to carry it over to leatherwork.
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