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  1. Very nice I like the large yokes.The coloring is balanced.And I really love the leg tooling, it's creative. Good job: You_Rock_Emoticon: Now I'm going to have to finish up my next pair.They've been sitting in the shop for about six months.
  2. I haven't logged on in a while. Nice job Russ, these came out really good, has nice balance and good tooling. Now I can stop pestering you about getting these done. But I'm about to finish another pair oh what shall you do?
  3. It came out very good, and clean. Though I might suggest a new MagLite for a gift rather than a used one
  4. How did you do the loops to hold the tools I don't see any stitching at all.I've been curious as to how to do that. Could you maybe post pictures of the back?If you don't mind me asking that is.
  5. I did like like the the way the pocket came out but it seemed like it took longer than it needed to when building it. One of the hardest things to build, for me anyway.I'm sure someone more experienced could do it faster, it took me a about 1 1/2 days. Thanks again for the input Ezilth
  6. Thanks everyone for the support. As always I'll post any of my upcomeing work. Any other advice/input would be helpful. Thanks again Ezilth
  7. Hey everyone again!I've had had these chaps done for about a month now and I finally got some pictures of them. So here they are.(here you go superchute this is how you make them lol, just kidding)go ahead as usual and tell me your thoughts.I know I seem to be obsessed with keeping my leatherman and MiniMaglite on me but they're just so useful. It's my first pair so throw your thoughts out there and I'll see if I can catch them.
  8. I saw the disclaimer scared me at first but then thought it was quite funny
  9. well it's not a leatherworker post but a craftsman is a craftsman.Looks sturdy let us know how it turns out Ezilth
  10. looks good nothing fancy but it's usable plus the pizza box it's sitting on shows where you got the energy to make it lol.Nice work
  11. Well flashing colors may degrade from the quality of the rest of the sites main colors since it'salong the top of the page. I think the larger than size 1 text would help lol.But if colors helps you see it maybe try suggesting it to Johanna.
  12. Thanks for the advice Rick I'll check Joe Vs profile right away. Thanks Calanneh I really appreciate the input and support The coloring is medium brown, it's an antique. Since it's water based after I apply it and buff it then I spray it after it dryes a little with a little water and scrub it a little with a paper towel to get the shade of color I want, I may do this a couple of times. Then I dyed the background tooling black along with the edges and finished it with SuperSheen to keep the black dye from looking to blah. No the the cow was an accident when I added the pictures.But since she's there you can all meet our cow Freckles.
  13. I made another bracelet. My last one was kind of a test run the original idea was a birthday present for my best friend so I don't think he'll mind have similar braclets.if you didn't see the last one here's the link to it and my some of my older work is on the same topic. Bracelet
  14. The only way I've found to stop myself from constantly trying to improve is to before I start my project, have a mental image in my mind of what I want it to be when it's complete.I usually spend a couple of days thinking about how it should be(getting all the bright ideas out of the way before I start).Then start my project so everything is already thought through and through.Whenever I do that anything extra I want to add doesn't look right because it doesn't line up with my end goal.It still gets to me every once and a while so before I get carried away I antique it and put a finish on before my other half takes over and runes it.I don't like to leave the room with an unfinished peice because when I come back I just have to add this one more peice because in the heat of the moment the idea sounds wonderful at the time.
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