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  1. Thanks so much for all of your input, after a lot of consideration I have raised my budget to $1,000 and believe that I have found a great sewing machine. Its the Juki DU-1181 by everything that I have read it should be a great machine to sew with. It has a servo motor a walking foot, only concern is that the rpm is 2,000 but it says that it can be controlled and the videos that I have seen on it makes it look like a fantastic machine. Unfortunately I do not have any local industrial sewing stores anywhere near me so the only help I get is online.
  2. I have only been doing leather working for a year and have only been hand stitching and with my hobby growing into a business I realllllllllllly need a sewing machine. The biggest thickness of leather that I will sew will be around 14oz, usually its 9-10oz leather. I have no idea where to even start, I have an incredibly low budget of around $200 so I don't expect anything fancy. Can anyone direct me...?
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