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  1. Do you still have the burnisher? Where in Iowa are you located?
  2. I have 71 issues of the Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal for sale. Starting with Jan.- Feb. 2001- 2011. Only missing July- Aug 2003. All of 2012 except May- June, and July- Aug. 2012. Also have Jan. -Feb. 2013. All have the pattern pack in them although some are loose. No ripped covers in very good shape. $200.00 plus shipping.
  3. I`m only interested in the 3/8 pinking punch , would you sell it seperatly?
  4. Tandy leather imprinting machine with 3/4 alphabet set $225.00 plus shipping
  5. I`ll buy them all, let me know if there still available. do you take paypal? If not I`ll send you a money order. Steve Lazy Y Leather
  6. I have a Leather Secrets I would let go for $100 + shipping Has no tears or ripped pages in really great condition.
  7. I couldn`t except -well maybe- all right you can send me the check!! LOL.
  8. 2 years ago I took a class in Sheridan, I was talking to one of the other students about different classes. In the conversation Bob`s name was mentioned, this guy went on to tell me what a great class Bob had on floral design. So this year I took It. WOW!! Talk about shortening up the learning curve. By far the best class I`ve taken in Sheridan bar none. If you cant learn from Bob`s class your hopeless. I think everyone who took the class agreed. His teaching methods are clear, concise, and encouraging. I know this sounds like a lot of sugar coating, but Bob Park is the real deal. If you cant get out and take his classes, I recommend you get his book. Your floral designs will improve overnight. Steve Lazy Y Leather
  9. I go to flooring stores and buy there vinyl remnants. Usally get 4x8 or there abouts for $20. Extreamly durable waterproof and semi ridgid.
  10. Scott, I dont have a Kingsley but I do have a Kwikprint model 86. Let me know if your interested. Steve Lazy Y Leather
  11. lazyy

    Tippmann Boss

    Sorry I sold it on Ebay about a month ago
  12. lazyy

    Tippmann Boss

    I have a Tippmann Boss that will be for sale within the next couple of weeks. It comes with the flatbed, stirrup plate, narrow presser foot, standard presser foot, led light, and assort. of needles, extra bobbins. I`ll be asking $1200 plus shipping. I`ve used it for years and it sews great. The only reason I`m getting rid of it, is that I`ve got an impinged tendon in my right shoulder and running the lever irritates the hell out of it. So I`m ordering a cowboy 4500. The tippmann is mounted on a cobbler bench type stand. I`ll include it in the sale but it will have to be picked up its to big and heavy to ship. Steve Lazy Y
  13. Hey, you still have got nothing to be ashamed about. The fact that your even entering is a great achievement. I keep saying I`m going to bring a saddle next year, then build one and pick it apart till I talk myself out of bringing it. So kudos to . Steve Lazy Y
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