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  1. Do you still have the burnisher? Where in Iowa are you located?
  2. I have 71 issues of the Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal for sale. Starting with Jan.- Feb. 2001- 2011. Only missing July- Aug 2003. All of 2012 except May- June, and July- Aug. 2012. Also have Jan. -Feb. 2013. All have the pattern pack in them although some are loose. No ripped covers in very good shape. $200.00 plus shipping.
  3. I`m only interested in the 3/8 pinking punch , would you sell it seperatly?
  4. Tandy leather imprinting machine with 3/4 alphabet set $225.00 plus shipping
  5. I`ll buy them all, let me know if there still available. do you take paypal? If not I`ll send you a money order. Steve Lazy Y Leather
  6. I have a Leather Secrets I would let go for $100 + shipping Has no tears or ripped pages in really great condition.
  7. I couldn`t except -well maybe- all right you can send me the check!! LOL.
  8. 2 years ago I took a class in Sheridan, I was talking to one of the other students about different classes. In the conversation Bob`s name was mentioned, this guy went on to tell me what a great class Bob had on floral design. So this year I took It. WOW!! Talk about shortening up the learning curve. By far the best class I`ve taken in Sheridan bar none. If you cant learn from Bob`s class your hopeless. I think everyone who took the class agreed. His teaching methods are clear, concise, and encouraging. I know this sounds like a lot of sugar coating, but Bob Park is the real deal. If you cant get out and take his classes, I recommend you get his book. Your floral designs will improve overnight. Steve Lazy Y Leather
  9. I go to flooring stores and buy there vinyl remnants. Usally get 4x8 or there abouts for $20. Extreamly durable waterproof and semi ridgid.
  10. Scott, I dont have a Kingsley but I do have a Kwikprint model 86. Let me know if your interested. Steve Lazy Y Leather
  11. lazyy

    Tippmann Boss

    Sorry I sold it on Ebay about a month ago
  12. lazyy

    Tippmann Boss

    I have a Tippmann Boss that will be for sale within the next couple of weeks. It comes with the flatbed, stirrup plate, narrow presser foot, standard presser foot, led light, and assort. of needles, extra bobbins. I`ll be asking $1200 plus shipping. I`ve used it for years and it sews great. The only reason I`m getting rid of it, is that I`ve got an impinged tendon in my right shoulder and running the lever irritates the hell out of it. So I`m ordering a cowboy 4500. The tippmann is mounted on a cobbler bench type stand. I`ll include it in the sale but it will have to be picked up its to big and heavy to ship. Steve Lazy Y
  13. Hey, you still have got nothing to be ashamed about. The fact that your even entering is a great achievement. I keep saying I`m going to bring a saddle next year, then build one and pick it apart till I talk myself out of bringing it. So kudos to . Steve Lazy Y
  14. I was at the show and saw your saddle. The only thing I noticed was the back skirts off center. And the jagged edge on the mulehide on the wrap. I really like your seat idea, and was curious how you keep that seat held down on the cantle. The mulehide didnt concern me because the first rope burned in will change all the pretty edges any way. I`m pretty sure you werent going to beat Don this year being the Stohlman award winner and all. And his tooling was alot more intricate than the rest of the field.
  15. Welcome, I`m from Danbury about 2 hrs from you. Let me know if you ever need help with anything. Steve, Lazy Y Leather
  16. I`m interested in the Aerostitch, Can you find out shipping to Wi. 54830 Thanks Steve
  17. Rod, Now I`m kickin myself! Actually I`ve read articles by you and read everything on your website, so I knew you`d have plenty to offer. I havent been making saddles as long as a lot of guys , but I`ve got an unquenchable thirst for new and old info. I`ll deffinatly catch up with you and pick your brain. I`m sure you`ll be doing more seminars at future shows, so I`ll hook into your knowledge base sooner or later. Steve
  18. Rod, I wanted to attend your class but opted for Pete Gorrel and Bob Klenda Friday. Please dont take any offense, I`m sure yours will be full of valuable info. I would also be interested in a video of the class. I just want to take advantage of those 2 guys knowledge while their still out and about doing shows. I hope to run into you at the show and talk to you about building trees to Dennis Lane E.P.S. values. Steve Yezek Lazy Y leather
  19. I'd been wanting to build saddles for a few years. So got to talking to some builders at a horse expo.Both agreed to teach me to build a saddle in a week for the cost of a saddle. couldnt go wrong, if nothing else i get a saddle and some knowledge. I'm a builder by trade but was looking for a better way to express my creativity, so i went to learn. I'd deffinately say it was valuable to my getting started with saddles. I learned alot in a week ,but it got monotoneus. I had to drive 2 hrs one way each day for a week and a half. But to say the least I learned a ton in that time . The guy who taugght me mainly builds cutting and reining gear, but we built a wade. so he had to do some thinking to remember back to his last wade. That also proved valuable. The saddle turned out great but pretty heavy. I mostly watched ,took pictures, made notes and asked questions. Invaluable to be able to pick the brains of craftsman. While me teacher sewed or was o the phone I watched bruce cheney videos, read al stohlmans books, and just looked at tooles and prviously made tack and saddles, which raised more questions. Once again truely invaluable to be able to pick the brains of a master.. So a week and a half goes by I come home with a new saddle for my spouse , a pile of photos, and notes and a dose of wavering confidence, and intentions of building my own rig. I was confident that a cabinet builder could become a saddle maker! First course of action much to my wifes dismay was to uprade the tool chest. You can do a saddle with a little but you can do a lot better with some quality tools. Second buy al stohlmans series, there is hundreds of saddles worth of knowledge in those books , and i still reference these when I encounter problem. We'll be fore i could build my own saddle a friend decides I should build her one. That will test your confidence ,but I had game. Of course she didnt want a wade and she had a extremely diffucult horse to fit [muttton withered wide backed] and the owner is over 6 feet tall women. none of my patterns matched for the oregon roper tree she wanted. volume 1 stohlman. different swells, longer fenders, different skirt shape, etc. etc. a friend borrowed me gomers videos , and that helped a bit. so i scratched my had alot, took my time, tested fit , wrapped the horn 3 times, cut the seat jockey wrong [so the saddle had front jockeys now] and bought more tools. 5 months later it was done. If i can figure out how to do it i'll post a picture. I gave it a " C" . But my wife who is my biggest critic , said not bad, and it must not be it has produced 5 more orders. A couple of saddle makers that I talked to told when I started get ready to ruin leather! And I did , But I learned by doing. Second saddle horn turned out right the first time. but had trouble covering the swell so scrapped the leather cut it from a sponggier spot , and got it right. Tooling is improving fit and finish as well. Big learning curve , but i'm pssionate about it and it doesnt seem at all like work. last night was out in the shop from noon to 10 with out food and water, just couldnt walk away!!! Pitfalls - porly rawhided bowden saddle trees, buyin a saddle kit from bowden. Current project homestead wade on a laporte poly tuff tree fat plate rigging 7/8 horseshoe hardware, didnt know it was made in china!, maybe inlaid padded seat, fully tooled oak leaf basket stamped combo. Long winded!!! but this post sounds like my personal journey. I found alot of resistance from saddle makers along the way as though I was stepping on toes, but Ifound alot of help as well, thanks to those who offered free advice. lazy y
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