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  1. Here are my progress after taking advice from this forum: Sweet!!!! You guys are the greatest. I also adjust the servo machine to run slower so I can control the cutting. Very satisfied.
  2. Been working on skiving e 2-3 oz vegs leather and happy so far.Big change since I move the bell knife closer to the presser feet and sharpening the bell knife. I am on 80% of what I expect on the skiving machine. A lot better than not using it. I am more confidence that it will not mess up the thin leather and eat up my work. Now I can make some folded leather wallet without tiring my arm skiving . Those handheld skiving knife only last for one side of the leather and starts to get dull quick. I need more practice on the machine, that I know. So far , I am happy with the result. I appreciate so much all the advice you give. I am planning to make at least 30+wallet and gonna be too tiring with out the machine.Have a nice day everybody.
  3. This is is as far as the bell knife can go to make it in right angle to grind it. Sort of short . I may need to sand in a new angle for the knife . In case I screw up, is it easy to change a bell knife ? Hope I would be able to finally sharpen this knife.
  4. "The grinding wheel should touch the entire angle of the original grind of the bell knife, yours seems to be messed up" I need to move the bell knife forward to make the entire angle be grind. The grinder is only hitting the tip of the bell knife. Thanks you all for all the great suggestions.
  5. I bought the same machine and it is almost a year, still cant figure out how to use it. dont know how to sharpen it. i read in other articles and dont help me.
  6. The burr remover I presume is the small grinding stick . I notice that I pull hard to get my piece across to get skive.That means my bell knife is not sharp? How many seconds you need to run the grinding wheel to make it sharp.? I did not try the blue tape yet cause I am still learning to sharpen this bell knife . Quite silly . I never thought this is such a big challenge on my part.Thanks again for the advice.
  7. This is interesting. I am gonna try this one.
  8. I move it close to the presser foot. This is the result and I dont feel that it is eating much of the 2 oz leather like what happened before. I need to do more practice t get it right. And I cant seed to make my bell knife sharp enough. It does seem to be working for me now. Great advice Andrew.
  9. I have a Consew Skiving machine DCS-S4 and very frustrated with it.I bought it to skive 2=3 oz. and 3-4 oz. of leather and it always eat up my work. Was trying to make leather wallet with folded edge. I always end up skiving it manually. Saw the fortuna machine just do it so easy on you tube. Is there a trick to make this thing work. attach photo:
  10. Thanks so much. You save me a lot of headache and give me confidence to do this. Great great forum.
  11. I have a consew 229 but has missing button on the base to lock the shaft. Can I push down a metal or screwdriver on the notch to lock it and prevent it from turning while you trun the wheel.I am trying to change the length of the stitch too but that button part is missing on my machine.
  12. I notice that the singer 111 has the same set up with consew 229 that I just bought to change the stitch length.My own problem is that the plunger to lock it down on machine bed is missing. Can I stick a metal in that hole to lock in the notch and turn the handwheel on to change the stitch length?
  13. Are there other ways to lock the notch and change the stitch legnth if that original part is missing?
  14. How do you change the sttich legnth for consew 229. I read in the instruction similar to singer 111. To push and hold the plunger to lock the notch and keep truning the pulley in the machine. I just found out that the old machine I bought has no plunger to lock it. Can I use any metal or screw driver to stock it to the notch? Kinda scary when you are not sure what it is . The pulley that in the manual, is that the hand wheel of the sewing machine? I bought this machine and the guy I bought from never told me about it and I never think of asking cause I presume that would not be a problem.. attach is the pic.
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