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  1. I made a precise cutout all the way through the leather, glued a piece of 1oz blue leather to the back of the piece over the hole I cut, and glued the stone to the backing leather. The hole keeps it pretty snug in the thicker leather.
  2. Here's a little something for my little sister for Christmas. She picked out a cute little knife (Toferner brand), about three inches long, which came with a leather sheath and cord so one can wear it like a necklace. I couldn't let the opportunity to upgrade the sheath pass, however... I've never made a sheath before, so I traced the existing one and replicated it in shape. The original was a little crooked, so mine is too (ignore the stitch counts ), but oh well. To set the labradorite I cut a hole completely through the leather, glued a ~1oz blue liner to the inside, and glued the stone in. The blue liner boosts the color of the translucent labradorite. I'm pretty proud of this one!
  3. I've got some dark brown Badalassi Carlo Minerva for the exterior and lightweight caramel-colored calf for the interior. It'll be an everyday purse for me (in the smaller size). I haven't got so far as to start to think about straps, but I agree that it may be good to consider an alteration there. I'll see how I feel about it closer to that point in the process. I might not make any significant progress on it until after Christmas, depending on how a separate non-trivial gift project goes.
  4. Good luck! I'm about to embark on a build of that one myself.
  5. I like the weight of your thinner leather for assembling wallet interiors.
  6. Re: cement fumes, pick out something in the Renia Aquilim line. Good stuff, no fumes. I wear a mask when I am actually taking sandpaper to leather, but nothing else is making enough dust for me to be concerned about.
  7. Rocky Mountain Leather has a listing for it, but it's currently sold out; you might get in touch and see when they anticipate new stock. https://www.rmleathersupply.com/collections/horween-usa/products/horween-nfl-football-veg-tanned-leather
  8. Sheesh, and here I was getting out the tiny brushes. I like your way much more.
  9. I recently used a Fantastix pen (https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B0013JN8DI/) to good effect for detailed dye work.
  10. I've used denatured alcohol to dilute Angelus dyes before. Does anyone know whether that's a viable option for Fiebing's as well?
  11. Fiebing's has a method which uses NFO and their standard dyes at https://www.fiebing.com/tips/mixing-fiebings-leather-dye-and-prime-neatsfoot-oil-compound/ I'd swap the compound for straight NFO, of course, but I'd imagine it would have a penetrating effect.
  12. Great idea! I've wanted to design one of those for a while now. My Kyoshin-Elle chisels have round handles, so that complicates things a bit I love how the poly board presses down on the work. It sounds like that helps a lot to counteract the chisel sticking in the work.
  13. Just reproduced in FF 67.0.4 and Chromium 75.0.3770.100 on openSUSE Tumbleweed. Steps to reproduce: Clear cookies for a nice clean slate. Visit https://www.springfieldleather.com and observe that you are not logged in. Log in. Open up a product page. I think sitting at the homepage would have the same effect. Wait >30 minutes. I don't think it matters whether I leave the tab open or closed; I left mine open. Close the tab, and open a new tab going to https://www.springfieldleather.com . Observe that you are redirected to the login page under https://checkout.springfieldleather.com . Observe that the top right still displays your name ("Welcome Heather") and the number of items in your cart. I have also seen this happen if I have been idle for a while, and try to open a new product page. I can usually open a category and see the product listing, but when I try to visit the page itself it redirects me to the login page. Curiously, after a redirect event I pick up a full set of cookies for both checkout.springfieldleather.com and www.springfieldleather.com , including a duplicate JSESSIONID. I seem to remember noting that JSESSIONID for www.springfieldleather.com changed right before the redirect, but I was not looking for that specifically at the time. JSESSIONID is different between checkout and www.
  14. Me too. If I clear my cookies and don't log in, I don't have any issues, suggesting that this isn't visible to Pat D. User who doesn't have an account. I've noted that session expiration when I do log in is ridiculously short, so if I'm idle for ~30 minutes it'll log me right back out again. Tagging @TonySFLDLTHR in case he isn't watching this thread.
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