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  1. I'm actually in the midst of emptying out my living room to turn it into a sewing studio (thankfully single ) so I can fit two machines in there but I'll probably stick with a regular straight stitch as my go to since I still sew garments and use the cylinder walking foot as my backup for heavier stuff. Great suggestions!! Thank you That's good to know! Thank you!
  2. Thank you all for your suggestions I really want to go with the cylinder machine but I missed the sale by a half an hour while I was trying to scrounge up $ for it So close!
  3. Hi there... did you ever get the cylinder bed machine? I'm also only used to using flatbeds and the cylinder seems awkward to me (I've never used one). I make mostly garments but I'd like to get into making handbags and wallets. So, it would seem like the cylinder machine with flatbed attachment would be more versatile. What's your experience so far? Is it an easy transition from your flatbed experience. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  4. Thanks Dave for your reply... I guess I'm just a little nervous about the comfort of using a cylinder machine. I know I can use the flatbed attachment with it but it just seems like an awkward height to sit at as opposed to the actual flatbed machines that are more ergonomic. Is it hard to control the leather/fabric when feeding it through? Are they built more for standing or sitting? And are the tables adjustable in height? I'm a little on the petite side (5'3")
  5. Hello all! I'm having a little trouble making a decision... I'm buying my first walking foot machine and I'm not sure whether I should go with what I'm used to which is a flatbed machine like the Juki 1541s or if I should get the Techsew 2700 Pro which seems to have more capabilities? I mostly make garments but I would like to expand into accessories like purses. So it would seem like the cylinder bed would be great for that and with the table attachment it comes with it seems like a two for one. However, I've never used a cylinder machine and the height seems awkward. Can anybody attest or disagree with this? With the flatbed attachment does the fabric feed as easily as it would through a regular flatbed machine? I was dead set on getting the techsew today since they are having a sale for the holiday but now I'm feeling a little confused and a little nervous about buying something online that I wasn't able to try out... especially with that price tag. I've tried the Juki 1541S and it seems great but I don't want to outgrow it if I decide to make more accessories. Oh, and I'll mostly be working with garment weight leathers like lambskin and plonge... but a heavier cowhide to make purses with. Any comments, thoughts, or answers to my questions will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance
  6. Hi all! Im looking for a cylinder bed sewing machine in good or new condition. Even better if it has a flat bed attachment. Need it for light to medium work so I was thinking Techsew 2700 or 2800 but I'm open to other models as well. I'll be working mostly with lambskin but also some light to medium veg cowhide as well. I live near Philadelphia Thanks in advance!!!
  7. Hey! It is Keystone! It's on Philadelphia in the Northern Liberties area. The website is keysew.com It's definitely the best price I've seen so far for new. I stopped in there once for needles - they're very nice. Also, the servo motor is included no upgrade
  8. It didn't really seem like a red flag since the sewing store near me is selling it new for $1600
  9. He said that his son was going to open his own canvas product business but he never did anything with it so he's just trying to get something back.
  10. Hi guys! So I found a semi used Juki 1541s for sale and I'm going to go take a look at it this weekend. Apparently it only has approximately 7 hrs of use on it. I'm just curious though if you guys could point out some obvious red flags I should look for when I go and inspect the machine? I've only ever used a Juki straight stitch at school, so I'm new to the walking foot. Also, I'm having trouble finding someone with a truck in case I do decide to get it. I have a fairly roomy hatchback.... would I beable to safely dissassemble it i.e. remove the legs from the table top and transport it that way? Any help, comments, suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks
  11. Thanks! I may go check this one out! My main concern is that if like to be able to sew soft lamb skin but also have the option to grow into heavier cowhides like the photo I posted above.
  12. Thanks for replying! The Consew 206? So far I've come across a Juki Dnu 1541 and a Juki Dnu 241-h-7 within my price range. Yet to inspect them though. So im not sure if they are worth the money or even what I need. I have a lot of time before I need to make a purchase. I'm basically just trying to set up my home studio so I can practice and learn before I open my own garment/accessories line.
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