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  1. fredk You're right, I have NO idea how to rebuild that engine! I just retired as a substitute teacher last September. I worked in a Vocational Technology High School. I taught 17 subjects. LOVED every second of it. I miss my students terribly, but poor health caused my retirement. I feel the same way you do, if I know something that someone wants to know, I'll tell them everything. You're a good man Fred. God bless, and thanks for all your post replies. Stoney
  2. fredk Thank you very much. I'll be happy to check these out. I always love looking at other people's work and ideas. Yes...I've found some real "stinkers" too when it comes to forums over the years? I don't understand??? Why join a forum and post things if you don't actually want to help people? I don't really have a lot of help or advice that will benefit people, but I'll tell you what I know, if you ask. For about 40 years I built custom guitars ( until my stroke) and NO ONE wanted to help me learn anything! it was like it was a big, deep, dark, secret. I had to learn what I DID find through books at the libraries and with trial and error. There was NO internet or YouTube back in the 70's, no guitar maker's forums or builder's nets. I can't thank the folks here enough for their/your help. God bless. Stoney
  3. fredk Thank you. I just found an old possible bag that I made in the 70's. It's made of 5/6 oz. I mic'd it and according to the charts that I've found online. Since it mic'd. out at.092" then it's 5/6 oz. I just bought 2-5/6 oz. double shoulders so I should be good. In the past, I've used upholstery leather myself, stitches reeeeaal easy!!! :~)))) Thanks. Stoney
  4. Mattsbagger Thank you for the input/advice. I didn't even know there WAS a pattern section? :~)))) I'll try to find what you're speaking of? Stoney
  5. northmount Thank you, I just found your comment. You can't really say "returning to leather work, since I never was good enough at it to even call myself a leather worker to begin with. I was just a guy who stitched two pieces of leather together, basically still am, but thank you very much. I realize that there is a lot of work here without tooling, but for me, tooling something that I'd be proud to show people is my goal. I'm learning from this forum. Everyone here is too kind, and very supportive. I guess that's just how forum families/communities are? YouTube is great for a lot of things, but here you get quick responses from people who really want to help you. Thanks again. God bless. Stoney
  6. Howdy guys: This is more of a question than a topic, so I hope I'm not infringing on post space? I just got back into making accessories for Black Powder shooters, and I was wondering about "Possible Bags". I haven't made one since the 70's and don't remember what weight leather I used on it? Can anyone tell me, or post their patterns/photos. of one's they've made? I'm in the process of doing a complete BP shooter's package for someone,( rifle, patch knife, powder horn, et cetera) and at this point my only stumbling block is that doggoned bag! I'm looking to go "rustic" not fancy tooled. I know that sort of flies in the face of what this forum stands for, but my tooling really SUCKS, so why put myself through the heartbreak of failure? I posted 2 photos of my work, so you can see it for yourself?! I'm not sure where those pics. are? But I submitted them in one of my posts. Just in case you can't find them, I put them here too. Thank you guys. Stoney
  7. 480volt Thanks. I tried your method as well and I think it might be a little easier. I just emailed the pic. from my photo file to myself in a smaller format, then saved it to a new file with the extension "small" after it. Then I started a new topic under Critique my work, uploaded the files, and Viola' there she be. Thanks again everyone, for all the support. Stoney
  8. fredk Now that sounds like something I CAN do! Thank you for the info. Stoney
  9. Hey guys Thanks for jumping on my dilemma, I appreciate the advice. I'm not sure what program I'm using for my pics.? I just upload them from my Nikon D3100 right to a file I have on my desktop. I tried opening the pic in my post, but got the error message about file size restrictions. I have NO idea how to resize my pics. to fit the criteria? This is a brand new HP desktop computer with Win 10, It's about 4 months old and I HATE IT!!!!! My old Dell was much nicer/user friendly, but it was using Win XP and could no longer be upgraded. I bought it in 2010. I got my money's worth out of it! Thanks again. Be well. Stoney
  10. Howdy guys I'm a newbie to tooling even though I'm 68 yrs. old. I would like some opinions on my tooling attempts and what I can do to improve? Here's my problem. I can't upload any of my pics. It says I can only upload a max file size of 1.46MB and all my photos are at least 3.+ MB's. Any ideas Thanks. Stoney
  11. stoney327

    Leather glue

    Howdy Guys. This is more of a question than a reply. Being unfamiliar with forums, I'm not sure how to post a topic? I apologize if this is unacceptable behavior? I'm looking for a "Thin" contact cement that I can easily apply, but will still give me that contact cement set time of about 15 minutes, any thoughts? I've been using Elmer's Glue All, but it takes about 24 hours to set, before it's safe to work with. I find that I tend to procrastinate. If I have to wait that long to get back to work on a project then I generally don't want to get back to work on it. Being 68 yrs. old and having survived a stroke with limited mobility and dexterity, doesn't help. I've tried Weld Wood contact cement, and Elmer's contact cement but it's like trying to brush on snot, they just roll and bead up, and they dry up in the bottle before I get to use it all. I don't glue enough leather to get my money out of them before they're useless.Thank you guys. God bless. Stoney
  12. Hello Chuck I'd like to say thank you to you and all the great folks on the leatherworkers net forum for their support and help, however after much swearing and screaming this afternoon for about 2 hours, I've decided to hang it up! All I did was waste leather and time? I tried the swivel knife and modeling spoon only approach, apparently there's a LOT more to it than I can comprehend? I did a decent ( by my standards ) job of cutting my belt Craftaid pattern, then everything went wrong? I guess I just don't know what's next when I try it? I started alongside the knife cuts with the spoon and it looked very amateurish, but useable, so I tried adding some more spoon work, it just got worse? Eventually, I tried some pear shaders and a veiner to see if I could maybe salvage my mess... no luck! I guess there IS truth to the old addage that less is more? Again, you folks are Artists, Craftsmen, real toolers, and just all around great people! Never quit helping the newbies. Thank you all again. I'll keep making sheathes, I can't give that up!!! I just wanted to make them a litle more pro looking? Not in the stars? God bless Dave stoney327
  13. JLSleather Thanks a heap!!! I'm glad I posted my question. I usually don't get this many replies? :~)))) Guess I posted a ? that's near and dear to everyone's heart? Thanks to the entire LW community, You guys are AWESOME!!!! My stroke sort of sidelined me a bit, but I'm making my way back!!! I never was good at it, but by God, I try!!! Dave stoney327
  14. Jaymack Thank you for taking the time to reply, I appreciate the help I get from the great folks on the LW's forum. If you read my reply to JLSleather, you'll see my dilemma? I have always pretty much done it as you've described, it's doing it with the tooling???? on the front that seems to be an issue for me? Thank you again. God bless. I think I can still say that... right ??? Dave Stoney327
  15. JLSleather Thanks for the speedy response. I'm using 8/9 oz., but my issue isn't with the tooling as much as how do I construct ( in what order ) this multi layer sheath and still be able to tool the front? Making a multi layer sheath is a fairly easy job, It's making one with tooling on the front that seems to be killing me? The sheath I'm doing is for one of two " carbon copy " Combat knives that I'm doing for twin brotheres in Afghanistan who are my neighbors and used to be my students. I really SUCK at tooling, but since I'm doing these for identical twins, I'd like to make them the same and yet personal enough to be a little unique? I don't know if you're into knife sheathes, but knives and sheathes are my only concern in the hobby/small business??? world. I know I'll NEVER be a world class tooler, God knows I've spent enough money on tools that I should be? I had a stroke 2 years ago, next month, so things have not been the best as far as using my hands go. My brain is still a little scrambled but I'm making headway? When I came home from the hospital after 6 weeks, I had trouble telling the difference in clockwise and counterclockwise, but some of it's coming back? Thanks for your help. God bless. Dave Stoney327
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