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  1. Great work! I see you got both sides pretty much straight and lined up (from the looks of your last photo.) Let me know how much you'd sell one of these for. I'll send a pic to my customer and see if she wants to go through with it. If not, I'm still interested in buying this off of you. I love the pattern!
  2. The existing panels are with my customer in Chicago. I'll ask her to measure it for me. The height looks obvious but where should I have her measure the width
  3. Thanks for the response Chuck! How much to make me one? It may be easy for you but I feel like tool making is out of my wheelhouse. Good luck, and let me know! All the best,
  4. Hello fellow Leather Crafters! I need some help finding a border tool with the exact design. If not exact then extremely similar... See attached photo. I have been commissioned to reproduce three leather panels to an old chair bought in Costa Rica. As you can see from the photos the leather has certainly seen its days. I could maybe get a way with a diamond pattern. Before I bring up options to my customer, I thought I'd share with you all and see if there may be some leads in hunting down that design. (I could carve the original design myself but that'll take way too long and not be cost effective to my customer.) Thank you for your help! W/ gratitude, Brett C.
  5. Hello Fellow Leatherworkers! I know there is no substitution for Kangaroo lace, and it's with a heavy heart that as of January 1st of this year, California has once again banned the importing of Kangaroo lace. I've been using Y-Knot Lace for the last six months. They are and have been amazing. But, until my wife and I move to Austin, Texas, I need to get your opinions on what brand and type of lacing is second best to Roo lace. I've used the Premium Calf Lace from Tandy... it's so so and very inconsistent. Lately it has had a real hard, waxy feel to it. Any feedback and help would be greatly appreciated in this time of mourning. The majority of my leather goods incorporate lacing... to say I'm obsessed with lacing would be an understatement. Help me make the most of being a California resident for the time being. Thanks. All the best, Brett C.
  6. Leather Brothers and Sisters, I'm struggling with the Five Thong Circular Applique from Bruce Grant's book. I can follow the first half of the directions but then... Blah! Anyone know of a simpler method or step by step instructions for making this beautiful braid? Any help is appreciated. Thanks! All the best, Brett C.
  7. Hi y'all, I have a question for any leather artisans/crafters/artists who run their own leather businesses. What are your thoughts on focusing on one or two specialities versus trying to make every kind of leather product under the sun in order to appease potential customers. I'm beginning my leather business career and I was pondering on this. I believe you can't help but try a little bit of everything out in the beginning in order to find the products that you have a real proficiency of making... but is it detrimental in the long run or beneficial? I'd greatly appreciate any feedback as it applies to your own working professional careers. How have you all fared? Thanks! Brett C.
  8. Love it! Glad to see you're carrying on Grandpa's leather legacy. Enjoy the process!
  9. Hi folks! I started my first stone in lay on a cuff. I'm struggling with the in lay of the turquoise cabochon. Anyone with experience in laying gemstones into leather? Would love any feedback and suggestions. Thanks! Brett C.
  10. My latest leather creation... A Rose By Any Other Name Coaster. 😊
  11. Hi y'all! Wanted to share an update of my current leather project. Native woman on leather canvas with braided hair and black opals for her eyes. If you are so inclined, please check out my website and join my bi-monthly "newsleather" to stay abreast on all my current and future classic leather creations! www.classicleathercreations.com Happy Leather Working! Brett C.
  12. Hello Everyone! I wanted to share with you all my brand new website... www.classicleathercreations.com I still need to add and tweak a few things but all my leather creations are up on there. Also, first time customers will receive 20% off on their orders. If you'd like me to add you to my newsletter just message me your name and email address. I look forward to hearing from you! All the best, Brett Colbeth
  13. Hey OdinUK, I used Medium Brown Antique Gel and washed it out with water to lighten it up. Then I went over with a fine paint brush with black antique gel.
  14. Yes she does oltoot. In fact, it was her idea. One of the many things I love about her is her sense of humor. 😊
  15. Hey Halitech, I hope this response gets to you. I used a 1/8" chisel for my lacing slits. I did not punch holes. I'll be curious to see if punching holes will give it a nicer aesthetic than the lacing slits. I used 1/8" calf lace. All the best, Brett
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