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  1. Brand new!!!! This is normally an $1800 machine.DELUXE Single Edge Painting MachineIdeal for bags, holsters, saddles…Suitable for painting the edges of all kinds of products, including handbags, wallets, holsters, saddle parts and assorted leather goods. Through its simple operation, it can apply a clean, finished edge to your leather products.Lower and upper supports help maintain alignment as the material passes along the motorized painting wheel. The SEP has the advantage of multiple painting wheels for flat, rounded and even extra wide edges. It can even paint a border along the top as is covers the edge (optional).The SEP uses water based, self-polishing dye and other kinds of colored liquids. Due to the continuous cycle operation, it avoids waste by recycling any excess paint to the tank. The painting parts are made of stainless steel or special plastics to ensure that all parts in contact do not deteriorate with water or with solvents used in normal maintenance. All equipment is built according to current CE standards.MADE IN ITALY" I got it thinking we were going to start a small handmade leather company. Never got off the ground. Asking $900