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  1. Hello MADMAX22, mikesc, Uwe, Firstly let me apologise sincerely for not thanking you for your advice and help regarding my query 4 years ago. I only found your replies while checking out the site last night, I just don't know the site well enough even yet as it has taken me a long time this morning to find them again! To let you know I went with the Singer 45K25 treadle machine which is in brilliant condition. It was used by a saddler/harness maker in Co. Galway (which is where I'm from mikesc but living in Kilkenny). Thanks for the manual on it. It's been invaluable. Thanks so much.
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm new-ish to this forum but only just brave enough to put a question out there now! I've been sewing saddlery stuff by hand and need to invest in a sewing machine. So far it is only a hobby for me and as I've been made redundant from my job I cannot afford to buy a lovely new purpose built saddlery sewing machine although I'd set my heart on one. I have come across 2 singer 45k's. One is described as a "cobbler's" machine while the other as a "harness maker's" but I don't know the actual machine numbers at the moment. The cobbler's has a new clutch motor and asking price is €680 and the harness is treadle asking price €1000. I'd prefer treadle (I think) as I'm useless to control electric house hold machine but have only used that about twice so no experience really. The motorised is a used machine but new motor while the treadle is in almost new working condition with only a couple of hours use in all its life. As far as I know both are cylinder beds. Based on that information what do people with more knowledge than I do (not a hard thing) think about the two choices I've got. I'm in Ireland and harness machines are as rare as hens teeth! Thanks very much for reading this. Kind regards...
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