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  1. I use garment leather for most all my backings now. You can find it in any color/thickness that your project calls for. For the most part it’s already treated, and won’t wear off on clothing. I have used backings that I have had to dye, but even with a few seal coats, over time, it will still bleed on to the wearers clothes. As far as source, Tandy, and Weaver leather have plenty of color, and skin choices. For anything I want to have a more unique/weird look, I scower the internet until I find something close to what I’m looking for. hope this helps, man! And thank you for your kind words, by the way!
  2. I really appreciate the kind words, y’all! Thank you. The eye was an alligator. The client graduated from Florida State, and instead of going strait FSU we decided to mask it a little bit and just use elements of the gator, and vegetation indigenous to Florida. I try to hide meanings in each piece I make!
  3. Thank you, folks! It’s a niche for sure, but I really like the idea of making stage wear. I’ve always been a country music fan, and the straps that guys like Merle, Waylon, paycheck, Glenn Campbell etc. wore were so iconic to me. I wanted to bring back custom leather stage pieces.
  4. Looks like that’s all the pictures I have that fit the 1.46MB limit.
  5. My name is Adam Fisher. I’ve been a lurker for a while now, and figured it was time to contribute a bit. I make guitar straps in Nashville TN. Please enjoy! Critiques welcome.
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