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  1. atom6ix

    Looking For Some Beginner Tools

    I have been crafting for a while now and there is nothing wrong with Tandy tools and stamps, sure they are mass produced and like anything that is coming off a line there is bound to be imperfections, when your starting out there is nothing wrong with getting established on the cheaper stuff. It helps you figure out your groove and what you really need. For me the biggest kick in the pants is when I purchased some high dollar hook and straight knives thinking I needed "better" tools. Come to find out a good Xacto knife is all I needed to cut my smaller leather pieces and the trim knives have sat ever since. Unused because I just dont need them. They are pretty and if you were to put one next to an xacto knife anyone would choose the Damascus steel hook knife as the "better" tool, but for me its about function not form. So dont sell short the cheap tools and the mass produced Tandy stuff. Good luck finding your groove.
  2. atom6ix

    Tony Perotti Wallets

    Just more of those focus words that the talking heads throw around to market things, nothing to worry about, it's all pretty much illogical bantering. Eco-Friendly leather is obviously the kind you can get from cattle without killing them first, duh
  3. atom6ix

    Cuirboli Celtic Knot Bracers

    Are these cross laced or straight laced?
  4. atom6ix

    Some Leather Masks For Sale On Ebay.

    I like the work that you are doing here. I have one major critique for you, take it or leave it. all of your masks look great because of how organic they look, the one exception to this is your eye holes. In every one of those masks you wrap your edges, then the eye holes are very hard edged. All of these would be significantly more dramatic with those external edges beveled and burnished. Don't take this as an insult to your work but I really think smoothing those edges will give you a leap on attractiveness.