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  1. I have one for sale if you are interested. jaimewalker@verizon.net
  2. What is the value of a Ferdco 1245? used very little sews excellent.
  3. What size screws does the 97 take if you want to put a material guide on? #2 My singer 97 sews fine until a transition between 1-2,1-3 pieces of leather. it missies 3-4 stitches then it picks it up again. I set the needle bar to spec. I'm thinking the shuttle hook is worn its not broken but it doesn't have a real sharp point. Thanks in advance!
  4. I tried to be a little gentler then you lol
  5. I don't believe that is the right machine. A lot of people on eBay show machines sewing leather. One draw back of that machine would be the size of thread it could handle.
  6. do you have any 97-3 needles left. I bought them off you early thanks Jaime

    1. machinehead



        Yes, I do. What sizes and quantites are you needing?

        Sorry I didn't reply sooner.


  7. comfort is why al recommends putting the stirrup leathers under fenders when you get the tree it will be open between the bars that's why you need the strainer they you glue leather on top to ground the seat its a little more involved then but that should give you and idea I know the saddle you want to build its a late 1800
  8. did you get the thread breaking issue fixed? I have had a pro 2000 for 20 yrs the only time that happened to me was to small of a  needle threaded wrong in the picture you see a lot of fraying usually means rubbing from being threaded wrong. let me know if I can help i'm right in Hammonton NJ

    1. JerseyFirefighter


      Hey. Thanks for shooting me a msg. I never got it to work. Its definitely threaded correctly. The thread is 207 and its either a 24 or 25 size needle. Ive even tried looping the thread around the lower tension disc 1.5 and 2.5 times. Adjusting the upper tension either which way does not resolve the issue either. Im almost to the point where ill run the strap through the machine without thread to prepunch holes and hand stitch it.

  9. If the 7-31 uses needle system 1000H they only come in round point, no leather points. In heavy harness leather you might have a problem
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