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  1. Thank you. I will try all your suggestions this weekend! Fingers crossed!!! Mariel
  2. Constabulary,I actually tried your way and it did the same thing. But I did a little experiment and I got the same result from threading it the way you suggested and the original way I had it: 1. They top threading still had the same effect (which suggested the top tension was too tight because the thread up top was in a straight line(like the pictures above) 2. When I changed the thickness of my material, (the thicker the better) it stitched perfectly. I took 2 pieces of suede which is what I will be using to create my product, but the thickness got me the top tension line again. And I did on 2 pieces of upholstery leather and got the same thing.... SO now the questions lays, is there a certain needle Im suppose to use?
  3. Thank you all for responding! Here are some photos...I tried it again this morning hoping that the sewing fairies would fix it for me while I slept...not so much. So here are some photos: TOP BOTTOM
  4. So I bought a 255b consew sewing machine. Before I had bought, I had tested it out. Seen on the leather I was going to use and even had the previous owner show me that it works. Now that I have set up at home. Im trying to start my projects and I can't seem to get the top tension right. I have decreased and increased. Did the same for the bobbin tension and for some reason when I sew, the top thread is to tight. When I look at the bottom sewing. It's perfect but not the top. I don't know want to do. I have read anything I can about the 255 which is not a lot and watched all the videos I can including videos of other sewning machines. And nothing I do seems to be working. My stitch from the top thread just looks like a straight line in top with knots. Advice and guidance please.
  5. I was in the same boat as you just a week ago. I ended up purchasing a consew 255b. It set me back $800 but I love it. I'll leave the experts to answer but what I have learned that you should get machine that has a walking foot, compound feed and based on the item you make a cylinder arm or a flatbed. My product allows me to use a flatbed. And it also depends to on how think your material will be when its structured or seen up together. Then a machine. With a cylinder arm will work. But again. I'm not expert either :/ hopefully someone can shed some light on which machine will work for your product.
  6. I'm a new owner of a consew 255b. Brought the leather that will use for my products and it sewed it with no problem. The machine sees nice and smooth. And the owner was nice enough to give me a lesson on how to use it! Thanks everyone for all your advice!!!
  7. Tejas, The sewing machine is actually a 255b not a 225. Not sure if that makes a difference. I called a sewing shop to inquire about the 255b and they said that it will do what I need it to do based on the design description I gave him on my clutches and the flat bed will be fine. He just told me to make sure to sew it to test to make sure it works and it will sew through the leather I'm going to use, which I have brought some sample leather with me. And the the price seem to be right aligned with what they are going for in our area. He had a few that he just picked up that he would sell between $800-$1200 based on how much work he puts into it. And the one I'm going to see is in great condition and just got serviced. Fingers cross that it will be the machine that I need for what I red it to do with my design Mariel
  8. Thank you! I will be heading there in a couple of hours with the intent to try it out with the leather that we will be using. Also a notebook with questions to ask so worth. The seller has been pretty knowledgable in this machine and is willing for me to try and test it out before we purchase. Thanks for your input! I appreciate it!
  9. Awesome. I don't see myself sewing large purses. My company I have started will be specializing in clutches and small accessories. Is the Consew 255b not a walking foot? I spoke with the owner and he told me that it is a walking foot with a compound feed and can see up to 3/8" thick. I tried to do my own research about it but I can't seem to find anything on it. Relying on what he says and you guys I'm suppose to drive an hour away to check that machine out and hopefully take it home. Does anyone have info about a consew 255b? It will cost me $800 to purchase.
  10. I have also came across an Adler 221 in my local area. Im thinking with the Consew 255b (made in Japan) being a flat bed...it will work with what Im sewing as its just about 3 lines I would need to sew but the Adler 221 has a cylinder arm. What would you suggest? Mariel
  11. I will be making flat clutches which only require me to sew top over the lining and then on the sides... Sorry for the double post earlier...my phone was acting up..
  12. Also I found a juki DLN 415 for sale. Will that work? Also I found a juki DLN 415 for sale. Will that work?
  13. Great info! So consew 255b that I had mentioned isn't the right one?
  14. Thank you Wizcrafts! I was hoping you would answer! I was reading your post about sewing machines last night which made me sign for an account here!! So the 2 sewing machines I had listed would not be best for what I will be using it for. There are other machines in my area that people are selling. I just don't know what I am looking at. Here is the where I am looking... http://www.ksl.com/index.php?nid=231&nocache=1&search=Industrial+sewing+machines&zip=&distance=&min_price=&max_price=&type=&x=0&y=0
  15. Hi everyone!! So excited I found this group. I'm new to sewing leather and have found great information on this website. I have located 2 sewing machines locally and I'm torn on which one I should purchase. The Consew 255b or the Singer 111. The consew is about 82 miles away from where I am but I can drive there if it's worth it and the singer is about 10 miles away from where I live. They are both asking $800 for them. Not sure if that is a fair market value. Your advice is greatly appreciated!
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