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  1. Any of you chaps familiar with this machine? Similar to a Landis Model D I gather? I'll be picking it up tomorrow and will get a better idea of what it needs as far as parts go but looking forward to adding this to the shop. Thinking it will work nicely on a servo motor with a momentary foot pedal.
  2. Anyone you'd recommend stateside for this? It's a damn fine piece and I'd hate have it fudged by my local fabrication guy.
  3. Hello all, I bought this old Vergez plough gauge from a chap in hopes of chucking the old trust wooden strap cutter to the side. After a disassembly and cleaning, I noticed this significant crack next to the blade. It looks like this was from decades of over tightening the front blade set screw. I'm curious if any of you have thoughts on fixing this. Whether it would even be possible? Quite a bummer as the seller didn't list this issue and it certainly wasnt in the photographs.
  4. In case future leatherworkers have a similar question. Campbell Randall sells bushing adapters that will let you do exactly this
  5. I think alot of us are in the same boat in this respect. No space or $$ for a full on line finisher but maybe able to afford a good bench buffing motor. The problem is that most landis/sutton brushes have a 1 5/16" bore so it wont fit on a 3/4" arbor. They also dont seem to make horsehair buffing wheels in any smaller diameters (like 3/4") Does anyone have any ideas as far as a suitable adapter? Fitting a 1 5/16" brush on a 3/4" arbor? Machine shops are quoting 300-400 for a milled adapter but that seems way over priced. Wheel http://www.shoesystemsplus.com/Horse-Hair-Brush-for-Sutton-Supreme-Landis-Auto-Soler_p_272.html Buffer https://www.eastwood.com/eastwood-1-hp-buff-motor-dual-speed.html
  6. Figured I would reply here in case someone googles this machine down the line. I ended up buying it from Weaver but returned it faster than I've returned something before. It really doesnt work well at all. The build quality is below par and the wiper blades had casting marks that required filing down before it would fit under the main reservoir. Even after a decent amount of adjustments and testing it produced a very uneven dye line and was an absolute mess to work with. I don't think weaver sells many of these because the foam pads that were sent with mine were so old they had yellowed and were on the verge of crumbling. Even with replacement rollers the damn thing never managed to dye evenly. The pressure isnt equally maintained on either side so it causes the strap to twist on its axis while its pulled through making the end result even sloppier. Hope this helps anyone on the fence. Feel free to post here if you have any questions about the machine. It was really a let down.
  7. Hello all, In an effort at cutting down labor time I've been debating this Weaver tool. Has anyone had experience with it? It seems rudimentary (altho expensive) but would seem to do the trick really well. Anyone have any encounters with them? Does it leave a clean dye line? https://www.weaverleathersupply.com/catalog/item-detail/65-6015/heritage-dye-box-ii/pr_9029
  8. Hello all, In the constant quest to find the most versatile machine I've settled on a narrow adler cylinder to suit my needs best. My question relates to the often debated buying new versus buying old (from reputable dealer). A new Adler 669, with all the bells and whistles, costs around $5k whereas a reputable dealer is selling some nicely maintained older Adler 69's for about $2,500 shipped on a pedestal table. Do you all feel that theres a benefit to going new versus old when it comes to these machines? As mentioned, the older ones come from a reputable dealer so no hypothetical quality issues.
  9. Hello all, Has anyone had any luck attaching a shop vac system to the scrap chute on a regular skiving machine? It seems like it could have enough suction to make a difference and limit scraps wrapping around the feed wheel. I'm thinking of rigging something up but wanted to see if anyone had any experience doing something similar. I figure the shop vac hose could connect to a reducer like in the pic below and then find some piece of ducting that could fit relatively snug with the chute below the table. Here's the machine I'm using.
  10. Hello all, I am using a FAV AV2 skiving machine from our friends at Campbell Randall. This is a classic fortuna clone. The manual says to lubricate with a medium density oil. Does this relate to viscosity? Would one be able to oil these machines with regular lily white sewing machine oil? I missed the cutoff today to give Randall a call and wanted to sort this before Monday so any help and guidance when it comes to lubricating these machines would be most appreciated. Many thanks
  11. Ivan, do you still make your burnisher?
  12. Just passing along some info although this an old thread. These guys based out of Montreal carry all types of leather binding tape and can split and cut down hides you send them. Waiting on my first order to come in from them but Reuben, the owner, seems like a good guy. http://www.cooper1001.com/language/en/ I'll post an update when I get the binding in but I'm fairly optimistic.
  13. Thanks Bob! Was actually going to give you a call soon about a skiving machine. Still not having any luck with this Landis unfortunately. With enough fiddling I can get it to skive heavy vegtan in the 8oz+ range but never anything lighter. Any thoughts?
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