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  1. Thank you all so much for the information. I've been away doing a handmade show, and didn't get the chance until right now to thank everyone. I will be heading to the local Tandy tomorrow morning! Thanks for the photo, MarcinB. Nice work!!!! Julie
  2. Can anyone tell me if a softer hand, more pliable veg tanned leather is available for dying? What would I look for? I want to be able to airbrush and would like a little grain to it.
  3. I bought the Paasche from Hobby Lobby, use the 40% off coupon on the app. Its amazing, Ive used it for the pro oil and water based Fiebings. Big savings on the amout of dye being used, and goes without saying the coverage is flawless. No more dark spots. And if you are into an Ombre look... WOW.
  4. Thanks so much for all the suggestions.
  5. Can anyone tell me how to do rolled handles by machine. I have a Cobra Class 4... I am currently hand stitching them, but I really need to cut down on time. Can anyone provide me with some examples of how they can be done. Thanks so much. The photo shows the 3oz hide and the results I am currently getting Julie
  6. Thought I would post an update about the Singer machine and my multiple problems. I took the machine into IMSCO here in San Antonio, and Jim the owner worked his magic and I have a perfectly good running machine once again. New tension spring, new hook, new tension release pin new feed dog, new throat plate. It's running like a dream. I guess all problems can't be fixed by adjusting tension. hahahaha Thanks again for all of your help. Julie
  7. Have a look at FraserMadeScotland Beautiful buckles. Etsy.
  8. Yes! Finally justification to spend some money on a new machine!! Thank you! Thank you all for your ideas, solutions and suggestions. It's really appreciated. I think I can still find some use for the old Singer. Julie
  9. This could go all night... so I pushed as hard as possible with a screw driver on the presser foot and I had a good run over some thick leather and NO Skip. So I'm obviously not able to do that all time. lol I then tightened the pressure on the presser foot, and back to skipping we go.
  10. Hi, I stripped down and started over. New thread, bigger needle, (hoping that would punch a bigger hole to allow more freedom for the upper thread to grab the bobbin thread and make the return trip) ?? Same thing, the machine is stitching like a dream on a single layer, but refused to keep stitching when I add a second layer. I did give it a go with canvas and from one layer to 3 layers it sewed just fine. It is a Singer 291U1 Originally designed for shirt making, but it seems to have more than enough torque to sew the thick stuff.
  11. By any chance is there a certain distance or number of threads between the missed stitches? It's not consistant, sometimes it's 4 in a row and other times it's 2?
  12. Tejas Thank you so much, what an amazingly detailed trouble shooting guide. Thanks Again! Julie
  13. I think that is exactly what is happening, trust me the bobbin is full. haha
  14. Thank you all for your responses. I'm not sure if it's me Tejas, but I don't see an attachment? Juile
  15. Quick history, last night I installed a servo motor on my old singer, WOW, quiet, slow, even stitching! PERFECT. Except it hasn't fixed the skipping that occurs when I move from a single ply of leather. Once I topstitch over any thickness at all it skips. Any suggestions would be appreciated. New leather machine is in my near future, but I would love to still be able to use this machine. I've adjusted tension, needles, presser foot pressure and thread thickness. If it was timing wouldn't it skip ALL the time?
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