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  1. I design it myself, if u want, u can give me email. I can share
  2. LeHoang

    Peony bag

    I finish in 5 days work. Hope u like this design
  3. Yes, France is great, but I can not use French
  4. Yes, I understand that. So, Canada, Aus, Newzeland are easier for me to get visa.
  5. Im a handcraftman, living in Vietnam. I have 6 years experient on veg- tan leather work, carving, dye with high class skill. Now, Im wanna change enviroment, I want to move to another country to live and develope. Im looking for a job on leather, I can do more than u want. Pls see my product in this forum, & u can see how I can. I prefer Us, Aus, Canada & Newzeland. Thanks for reading. Best regard, hoangle.dtc@gmail.com
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