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  1. I'm thinking to buy the Edgers (bevelers) from kevinlee4426, Does anyone of you have tried them? Are the knifes also good? I heard good things about his pricking irons, but not heard anything about the knifes and edgers. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi There, This is my first experience working with Cordovan leather (bought it from cordovan.co) I was surprised by how easily this leather stains: I accidentally dropped a water drop and clean it rapidly with cloth and it create a mate stain. Before trying to clean the stain with other products, I replicate the stain in small remaining piece of cordovan leather: Replicating the water stain I put an small drop of water on the leather, rub it off with a clean cloth and the stain appeared instantly. Trying to clean the stain I tried to use Neatsfoot oil: didn’t worked, stain is still there. I tried to use Saphir Creme Universelle: didn’t worked, stain is still there it made the leather lost his shine. Could someone with more experience with this leather help me regain the shine of this leather? Thanks in advance
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