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  1. Dmitri, Thanks for the link! That's quite a lot of info.
  2. Thanks! I never thought of that and I have a benchtop belt sander my dad had made years ago! Do you just eyeball it or do you mark it some how?
  3. I have a heavy weight belt blank of buffalo (1/4" thick 2 3/4 " wide) that I would like to thin down to about 3/16" to make a old west cartridge belt. I think it's just too heavy as it is. Anybody able to adise me on how to do it simply?
  4. Those pics will help a lot Leerwerker. Thanks!
  5. Now, those in the photo are more what I'm lookin' for. Thanks a bunch guys!
  6. Thanks Leerwerker. Those are quite similar to what I'm looking for.
  7. Hi folks. I've done a search for a pattern for some western half chaps, or leggings. The kind that start at the knee and extend down passed the ankle. Anyone know a source? Anyone made any?
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