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  1. Thanks, I will call and cancel my other order if it hasn't shipped and I will order from you. It is just black and white, no special color.
  2. If I order 5 rolls of thread and bobbins for a cb4500, how long does it take before you ship?
  3. Everyone, thanks for the advice. Bob and Solar returned my email, waiting on a reply because both stated they would have to look it up when they get back to work. I did send the 1st request last week, but Bob said he had been sick and Solar said they at some festival. The only other choice I have found is through Springfield leather, but they may be the middle man for Cobra, but they advertise flat $150 shipping.
  4. Thanks, I saw they were out of the 3850. After a lot of thought, I think I am going with CB4500, because after you add a few options, not a ton more money. I was contacted by Solar, but got to wait until Monday to see what shipping will be. I am just confused about if I need any of the optional needle plates. I do leather as a hobby and made me a holster, now everyone wants one, I have been hand sewing and it's getting a bit much. Thanks for the help
  5. I clicked on one of the advertising links here and found this. Is the techsew the same as the CB3200? TECHSEW 3650HD HEAVY LEATHER INDUSTRIAL SEWING MACHINE
  6. Does Cobra have a model that has the same specs as the CB3200? The class 26 looks to be for lighter weight. I am trying to find a place I can go online and place an order for this type of machine and use my PayPal, because I don't use credit cards. I may have to buy the class 4 through Springfield leather, because that's the only place I have found that I can put it in the cart and pay. Thanks
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