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  1. Please send me a PM with your email address so that I can send you the Excel file. It has all of the prices and the most current information on what is still available. Regards, Katrina
  2. John, Would you PM your email address so that I can send you a list of the hand tools that are left? I have them on an Excel spreadsheet and it is up to date as of yesterday. CharlesCrawford, Thanks for asking about the sewing machine. That has been sold. Folks who want patterns.... I still haven't done the inventory. I'll try to get to it before we are all dust. Regards, Katrina
  3. I haven't begun the inventory on the patterns, but if you would send me your emial in a private message, I will send you the list in the next week or two. Meantime, if you have anything specific, let me know and I'll look for that first. Regards, Katrina
  4. Hello All. The hardware list is ready. Please private message me with your email address to get the spread sheet. I will list Conchos separately for those who don't want to plow through 4 million buckles. Let me know if you want both lists. I'd like to ask you to work with me in this daunting process. Here are a few guidelines: These prices are 2013 wholesale, so most are already discounted in today's market. If your order is over $50, I will ship for free. Less than that and I have to ask you to pony up. Please be considerate and don't ask me to invoice and ship onesies or twosies, unless that is all there is available. Sometimes, you get more than the quantity listed. If I found one or two floating around or there weren't enough to make a lot, they got added in to the bag and not the inventory. I have jiffy rivets, copper rivets, snaps and eyelets that have not been inventoried yet. Ask if there is something specific you would like. Nikkel Wade tree, 15.5, full QH tree for sale - $500 + shipping Steele Flex Tree 16", pleasure tree- $100 + shipping Trooper Tree - Timberline boards, Weaver SS frames - $100 +shipping Premium saddle shearlings - $60 each + shipping (I'll discount them if you take more than 5 and more if you take them all. Ask and I'll get a quantity) Saddle strings, billets, latigos & mohair cinches- Ask and I'll get you quantities and pricing. Thank you so much for looking! Have a wonderful day. Katrina
  5. Hello Everyone. If I have not responded to your request for information, please send me a private message that includes your email address. I updated the spreadsheets whenever something sells, so they are current at the moment they are sent. Things are a little hectic and I don't want to ignore anyone. Katrina
  6. Hi Everyone, If I have not gotten back to you, please send me a private message instead of posting here. Include a personal email in your message and I will send you the spreadsheets. I update them any time something sells, so they are current at the moment they are sent. Things are really hectic and I want to make sure I don't ignore anyone. Regards, Katrina
  7. Hi Everyone! Dalton, I sent it, but it showed as undeliverable. I will try again now. Everyone else, please private message me with an email address and I will send you the list via personal email. Thank you! Katrina
  8. Hello Again, Here are a few more good hand tools that didn't make it into the other posts. Please PM me with your email address and I will send you price sheets. Thank you for looking. Katrina
  9. I know this isn't a farrier site, but you are a diverse group and you like tools. This goes as a lot only and it is a great deal. The nippers need mild refurbishing and sharpening. If you clean them up, the potential for re-sale will more than re-coup your expenditure. I'm just a little too overwhelmed to deal with it right now. GE 14" nippers, 2pr. Jim Blurton 14" nippers GE 12" nippers 2pr. vibram pads 1 diamond hoofknife 1 antique hoofknife with horn handle. 1 SavEdge hone several other sharpeners. The lot goes for $375, shipped.
  10. until now. I have for sale: 1 package of x-ray film. This stuff is great for making smaller patterns. It cuts cleanly and doesn't loose the edge like a paper or cardboard pattern. $15 shipped. A large roll of printer's mats. This is a heavy, rubberized canvas cloth. It is flexible and very strong. Makes amazing patterns for saddles, holsters, whatever. I'm sure it has lots of uses I haven't thought of. If you are interested, I'll unroll them and find out the quantity any measurements. I will ship you the roll for $50 A large bundle of very thin foam. This stuff is used in prosthetics. I've used it to pad straps, tablet covers, book covers, etc. $40 shipped. A box of horsehair stuffing. They do something with it to make it crimpy and springy (and clean!). It is used to re-stuff antique sofas and chairs. I used it to stuff poleys or bucking rolls. $30 shipped. Private message me if you want any of this weird, wonderful and hard to find stuff!
  11. Hello all. These zinc plates are used like tap offs. Good, crisp impressions. Most have never been used. $10 ea. I also have a Tandy Imprinting Machine set that makes using the plates a breeze. $300 shipped. Regards, Katrina
  12. Hello All, I am selling off the contents of my saddlemaking shop. I'll post items as I get them inventoried. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to post more than one picture or the accompanying spreadsheets with pricing. Please PM me if you see something you are interested in. Katrina
  13. Good afternoon! I am selling off the contents of my saddlemaking shop. As I get things inventoried, I will post them here. Pictures with IDs are below. Unfortunately, I am having trouble posting the spreadsheets with prices, so if you see something you would like, please message me. If there is something you are interested in, but don't see, ask. It may be in here somewhere. Regards, Katrina
  14. Oh, and if you buy a whole lot of stamps, you will get extra goodies thrown in. No telling what you might get. The only thing you (probably) won't get is the Shop Dog.
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