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  1. Thank you for explaining that, Tom...that makes sense now and I’ll try to keep that in mind when I make the pattern. That is extremely helpful info!!! I hope I’m able to fully grasp the math and geometry involved so that my pattern will work out. Sadly, I do not have Illustrator, AutoCAD, etc. so this is all being done by hand. Thanks again to everyone for helping me out here. Great information to have!!!
  2. Why can the welted seam not be scaled up? How would you go about making a larger spacing between the holes if you do not increase the scale?
  3. Hi again folks! I've been trying to work out this pattern for a while now in between orders and still having a bit of trouble. In the meantime, I bought a pattern by “hahns atelier” which uses this same construction method for the sides of a long wallet. I enlarged the pattern to 120% to scale up just that portion of the pattern to use on the pattern for this bag (pic in the first post). Unfortunately, when you do that, it leaves a large, gaping hole at the bottom of the seam where it needs to be solid to hold small items inside the bag. I’m going to try to keep experimenting with it, but it’s pretty hard to get everything tweaked right so it will work out to the right size with the proper width to the bag......I’m trying to build in some width to the bag so it’ll hold more than just really flat items, but it’s difficult to do using this stitchless construction method. Any brainstorming would be very much appreciated.....struggling here....lol
  4. Thanks so much, everyone! I really appreciate your sharing this info with me! I will certainly share pics of the bag once it's finished. I am going to make it sized to carry an iPad Pro 11", so probably will be slightly bigger than the one in the pic. I can't wait to start on it. I bought some 2mm thick foam to try to model a pattern with so that should help in getting the gusset width and stitch distance correct. Thank you again folks!
  5. Good evening..... I remember seeing something similar to this quite a while back on here....and I thought I saw a tutorial on it, but for the life of me I cannot remember what the construction method is called or how to research how to do it. I know someone on here can help ,e...everyone is so knowledgeable here. :) Thank you kindly for your help...I’d like to incorporate this construction method on a bag I’m making soon.
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