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  1. Thank you so much for all the help. It's been a while since I posted this, but i did end up resolving my problem. I forget what was actually wrong with it, but I think I was pulling the handle backwards as opposed to pushing it forward! Derrrrrrrr. Anyhoo....... I ran into another problem. I have a belt I'm making (already running behind on it) and I tested the thickness, got it where I wanted it, put my belt in and pulled...... cut it right in HALF!!!! My throat still hurts from screaming. I messed around with it and thought I was in the twilight zone. There seemed to be NO WAY the leather could be cut thinner than my set depth. The more I tested the more I was in the twilight zone. THEN, I came here and reread the posts. Didn't think about the blade position. The roller bar can only go up and down, and the blade front to back. So I adjusted the blade forward a bit, still behind top dead center, and VOILA!!! I've tested so many pieces now, so I know I'm good. Just thought I'd mention this should anyone else need the info
  2. I am about to lose my mind. I recently purchased a cowboy bench splitter. The 800 model. It has been great as I've only been through the testing it out phase. I noticed it was slightly off one side to the other. (I've come to realize that my need for perfection should have lead me to obtaining a higher end model like the Osborne 84, but I digress) So for all intents and purposes.... this is what I have to work with. I attempted to even out the roller bar adjusting the nut on the opposite side of the handle. I seemed to have gotten it almost perfectly level with the blade. Here's my problem... it won't skive now!!!! It worked perfectly fine before I apparently jacked it up. So now my pieces are a bit closer to perfectly even, but the handle doesn't seem to have that little extra give at the end that allows for the skive. I have searched and searched and searched for info on this and have come up with nothing. I really hope someone out there can help me!☺️
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