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  1. looking very good , you can use cement to fix the parts , it will save you time when stitching without a pony
  2. Thnx , What about using a sewing machine ?
  3. I was thinking about an instructions manual today with a piece of canvas ) Thanks for the insights , i thought my burnishing was going wrong and that it should last , what about the rubber edge coating , i think hermes , bellroy and all big names use it , how long does it last !
  4. Hello Leatherworkers , I managed to burnish the edge quite good with dye+ glycerin then dye and wax then canvas wheel . My question is , how long does the burnished edge last ? because when i bend it tightly the edge cracked , so i figured out the the burnishing will not work on edge of a notebook cover or passport holder were it bends . What about the edge coat that turns out to look like plastic/rubber . how long does it last ? Thanks
  5. nice work , u didnt bevel the edges ?
  6. Make sure that no one around your place will get harmed from the chemicals , HSE is a serious issue , i can send you a video for tanneries in Egypt manual spraying thin coating of pigment for 50 shoulder cow hides , let me know if you r interested (The HSE is very bad in Egypt)
  7. you mean it's top stitched like any other fabric zipper case ? if so , what is i want to sew two pieces (1.8mm) with a zipper in between ? because i tried with a Dopp kit with tunring it was directly a thick leather and the stitching on one side was very good , but on the other side it was messy with lots of ups and downs
  8. sorry .. here it is https://www.instagram.com/p/BAyUDrYiOLP/
  9. Hello , whenever i try to sew leather (without binding/turning and no top stitching) like in the pic i always get out of alignment on the other side , How can i solve that ? PS: basting tape is an option but i cant get my hand on thin one , so the zipper binding tape moves to the inside with the tape i have, and glue could solve the problem in small runs , but what i want to produce 100 piece ! Thanks
  10. from my novice tanneries experience , the aniline dyeing is something you can't do at home or a workshop , the dye is put in a drum , the type of dye that colors the leather from flesh side to the grain side across
  11. Is this topic still active , i think i can help
  12. I am walking around with a minimalist wallet chrome tanned a year ago and nothing is changing , expect the effect of the finish , which in not patina ! Check old saddle back leather's bag on Youtube , the guy uses chrome tanned leather .
  13. Hi Leatherworker , i have access to tanneries in Egypt where i can get veg tanned/ chromes tanned for a very cheap prices , finished and unfinished . Veg tanned can be tooled but breaks easily , but i thought about using it to mold small projects like card holder , phone case etc , for the soft chrome i might go for make up rolls , dope kits , and purses . What is the possibilities of doing bags with it ? specially the lamb which is thicker than goat skin , i am worried about the bag not staying in shape at all . should i use bag stiffener ? interfacing ? Share your experience using both skins PS: the major use for them here are bookbinding + shoe's lining + Jackets
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