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  1. Thanks a lot, rojeleather seems to be having the best prices All the best
  2. Hello I would like to ask if there is supplier who accepts small orders for croc/alligator hides who has CITES certificates. As I understand, only way how I can sell internationally products with crocodile leather, they must be purchased from a place that has CITES certified hides, and on top of that, I will have to get myself an export permit from CITES? Thanks a lot for any advice
  3. Thanks for the advice to all , one of them will surely work and I will let you know which way I will end up cutting it and with what kind of results.
  4. Hello I am wondering, is there a machine (for example laser cutter or something) that could cut with precision genuine croc leather to a specific shape? If yes, any advice to a complete newbie would be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot for any advice
  5. Hello, I am wondering if I should buy myself a gold foil embossing set, since I use I require quite often the service of a place that does that for me in a different country, could anybody here recommend most affordable method or set for achieving quality results at home? Many thanks
  6. Thanks for the most valuable input, I will let you know once I get desired results... thanks again
  7. Thanks for replies, I think that splitter would work, but can you explain what you mean by "specialize splitter" is there a splitter that suits well crocodile leather, or will any splitter work? thanks
  8. Hello, I have previously tried to thin down crocodile leather, and it seems that in these pics the thinning process is done perfectly, and in fact most likely it's real croc skin, and adding depth to the housing is also nex to impossible. Can anybody advice on how to get this type of results, especially with the edges? Many thanks for any advice, highly appreciated.
  9. Thanks, on hidehouse there seems to be nice quality hides... but a bit pricey, but I geuss quality costs as always... any other site suggestions are most welcome... thank you guys!
  10. Hello Folks, I am new here and I am from Finland. Can anybody help me to find a place (not ebay) where I can find top quality faux crocodile embossed leather, I have no success finding one that looks super realistic, but I know it's available somewhere, but I have not found it, yet. thanks a lot
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